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    Richie Swartz It comes as no surprise to me. Over the years, over many years, the Couples name has stood for excellence in providing superior accommodations and outstanding service to each and every guest that has had the pleasure of staying at any of the four resorts bearing the name of Couples. Thousands of people have discovered that the dream of the Couples founder, Abe Issa, has surpassed even his expectations of providing a vacation that feels as though they were visiting with their favorite family members. Great food, great accommodations and incredible staff to care for every need or desire of each and every person who has been fortunate enough to enter the lobby of any of their four Couples properties. For us, entering into the world of all things Couples, has transformed our life and has given us a respite from the dull and mundane day to day existence, to a truly magical destination that has provided joy and laughter, comfort and relaxation and allowed us to meet some wonderful people from around the world. Thank you Couples for all the years that we have enjoyed and looked forward to for our tropical place in the sun.


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    Nicely said! My husband and I couldn't agree more. Coming home to CSA on 2/10!

    Maine Girl

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    tru dat Richie
    it's all about the kids

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