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    Has anyone booked their trip using the deals that come out each Wednesday? If so, were you happy with the deal you got? Thanks.

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    We booked through a Wednesday special last year for our July 2011 trip to CN. We saved over $500 on the resort portion of our trip. We were very happy with that special!! We've already booked for July 2012 but if a good Wednesday special comes out for our travel dates we will jump on it!

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    YES! We booked our trip to CTI last August using one of the Wednesday specials. It was a pay the same price for any room category on a first come first serve basis. They are usually posted really late on Tuesday nights. I stayed up to midnight to book it! Once we arrived at the resort we were then even upgraded further to the top level available at the resort.

    If you can't plan far enough ahead to get in on the early booking specials then IMO the Wednesday specials are the way to go!

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    Used one on our first trip, it saved us about $400. That is one more day so very happy!

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    We did last year, or maybe the year before. Either way, we saved enough money to extend our stay an extra 2 days for the same amount we were originally booked for.

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    I am pretty sure that the Wednesday deals, as with any other booking, can be changed later if a better deal comes along. You are supposed to be able to make changes to your reservation without a charge up to 45 days prior to your departure.

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    The Wednesday specials are great if you know exactly what you want. We had CN booked for this April , but a great Wed. special came up for March at CSS, so we switched.

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    We just booked the Wed special for CN today .. it is a very good deal.. I cannot wait. This will be our 6th visit

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    I definately would love to book for today's special, tho hubby is a bit of a killjoy and wants to wait...ugh

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    also booked today, unhappy with the price increase recently but when I saw the Wednesday deal email....jumped. We were at CN this past December and while we don't usually visit somewhere twice in a row, this was the place we will make an exception for......

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    Me again - just took advantage of todays Wednesday special and saved $400!!! See you all in July!!

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    I would have loved to have booked this past Wednesday special! However we need to depart on the 19th since we want to add the 19-24 to our already 7 nights at CSA. I am crossing all fingers, toes and eyes that another great CN special will come along with just a week extension ;-)

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    Yes! We saved over $700 in 2o11 when we went to CN. They did not run any specials for our dates for January 2012; but we booked early and still saved a lot of money. We are now waiting for the 2013 rates to be released; and I will monitor the specials thru out the year again; because they will change it if the rate drops during one of their specials.

    Terry & Ashley

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    We saved $75 ($525) per night on our upcoming March trip to CTI using a Wednesday special!

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    How do you get wednesday deals notifications/

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    We did just got back from CTI !!! Had a great time and got a great deal can't wait to go back!!

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    I am headed to CTI for the first time May 28 to June 1. I was wondering if I got an average price or competitive price ( mainly because I want to start thinking of my second trip there!!) I got 9 nights at CTI (deluxe ocean room) plus airfare for $4200 total. Is that about right?

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