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    Default rooms at check in

    Just read a review on trip advisor and while it was a great review of CSA there was a complaint about check in and not being able to get the buildings that were requested. They felt this was not appropriate. They were repeaters and obviously knew the resort.
    Many people are repeaters these days and while you can't request a specific room you can request a building which if available will try to accomodate. That is the key words will try to accomodate. Couples has no way of managing this other than making sure the room categories people have booked are honoured.
    If you don't like the building you're in the front desk staff will do their best to accomodate you. it might mean a move the next day or the next but if you want somewhere else then you won't mind the wait.Sorry just had to give a comment on this. Looking forward to our return in Feb.

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    Sometimes, I can't help but wonder why some people just can't be happy that they are at Couples in Jamaica. I would be happy in a tent on the beach, especially with all this wonderful rain and gloomy skies we have had this winter.

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    Brennie, I understand your thought here though when you book nearly a year in advance and they have your money for the room type of your choice, it should be honored. Our group is coming in on a Friday so we are expecting that we may have to make a move on Saturday to get our Beach Front Suites that we paid for, but an orginazation that is this successful has to know how getting off to the right start is so very important.


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    Mick, I don't think it had to do with getting the room type you want, I think they were upset they didn't get a building they wanted. I agree...and I think most do, that whatever type room you book, you should get at check in. They shouldn't overbook that way, but to want a specific room or building...they will certainly do it if they can, but can't guarantee that it is available. And I think the people on the review were there during Christmas or just after, a very busy time for the resort.

    This is exactly why they don't allow the requests up front. I know we have a certain building we like, but honestly, we really don't spend enough time in the room for it to be an issue. If we can get it, fine, if not, at least we are in Jamaica. It is just bad that it was a repeater, who knows the situation and the rules and still makes a big deal about it.

    Glad you are realistic. I wouldn't think you would have any issue, but at least you have the right attitude going into it. It's most important so you don't let something minor ruin your vacation.

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    Mick7602, Cleversole is right as the complaint was regarding not getting the specific buliding they wanted in the category in which they had booked. Absolutely, guests should be put in room category in which they have booked.
    I'm sure you will have no problem when you arrive. Enjoy your vacation.

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    Just last year we booked a category at CTI only to have it unavailable when we arrived. They tried to "upgrade" us for 1 night and we declined. They consider an upgrade to be a good thing; we consider it an inconvenience. They found someone else that arrived with us to take the "upgrade". We were very upset.
    P.S. We're booked again for May, 2012 at Couples Negril. Just can't get away from the Couples brand.
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