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    Default CSA Sports complex question

    Trying to convince husband this is the holiday for him. He needs to use the gym twice a day. Can you confirm that the CV equipment is in good working condition? Comments on the no a/c please does that make it unbearable? Worried about the mosquitoes while training at dusk.
    Anyone used the squash courts? Good condition? Is there a Pro?
    Holiday perfect for me I need just the sun and a lounger on the beach!

    Thanks for your advice in advance

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    The gym with cardio equipment and weight machines is an open-air facility. When we stayed at CSA in 2008, I was the first person to arrive each morning. I turned on the lights and the fans and was comfortable enough, but it was very early in the morning (5ish). For my afternoon workout, I did Pilates in the studio b/c that is an air-conditioned facility and it was simply too warm for me in the gym.
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    CSA is our favorite resort for just this reason.

    The fitness center is in FABULOUS condition. They take great care of the equipment, and even though it's open air, I didn't find it intolerable at all. (Disclaimer: I am from Florida, so am possibly more used to working out in the heat than others from the great white North.)

    The squash/racquetball courts are in decent shape. Not FABULOUS, but definitely playable. We've had to borrow a broom a time or two to sweep out sand left by others who were less considerate, however, that is the exception rather than the rule. The pro's who are there are primarily for tennis, however they do offer squash and racquetball lessons and will play with you. There is also a signup sheet for those looking for partners.

    Can't speak to the mosquitos at dusk as we always do our workouts in the morning, and typically aren't in any ::ahem:: condition to work out in the p.m.'s.

    In any case, ENJOY your trip. CSA is fabulous.

    And if you're going to be there the beginning of May, 2011, my spouse will be looking for a racquetball partner. (A/Open player).
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    We always work out in the morning at CSA and we go in January when the weather is not as terribly hot as in the summer. The ceiling fans do a good job of keeping it cool enough in the morning. The weight machines were recently upgraded, so they are in good shape. The ellipticals are older, and in a perfect world, they would get more and newer ellipticals. There are also a couple of bikes and several treadmills.

    There is a wonderful jogging track that wraps around the tennis courts. There are also various workout stations along the path to do push ups, crunches, pull ups, etc. The lap pool is also a wonderful way to wind down after a workout. We can shower in the locker room after our workout, swim a few laps, and then relax in the jacuzzi near the pool. Can't beat it.

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    We were there this past April for our 4th trip, the previous being '07. The cardio machines have been upgraded sometime in the past 3 years as they were MUCH better than they used to be. The treadmills even have fans on them, which really helps.

    The fitness facilities is one of the major draws for us. It DOES get hot with no a/c. I would recommend not doing a mid-day workout. But it is at least covered and there are ceiling fans going.

    We are also morning workout people, so cannot comment on the bugs. I would think the breeze from the ceiling fans may help that though...???

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    When trying to decide which Caribbean resort to choose some 14 years ago, I chose CSA, then Swept Away, because I could not find a nicer beach and/or better work out faciliites at any other resort on any other island in my price range. At that time, I read lots and lots of reviews that said the facility was the best in the entire Caribbean. This November will be my 12th trip to the Caribbean, and my 5th trip to CSA. None of the other resort work out faciliites where I've stayed have even come close to the expansive sports/fitness complex at CSA.

    With that said, the gym is open air and can take some getting used to. I'm a runner who will be running the half marathon (CSA is the host hotel) the first week in December, and I arrive a little over a week before the race to train in and aclimate as best I can to the tropical weather. I also have to aclimate during my gym workouts as well, and have learned to slow it down a bit and drink lots of water during my workouts.

    Hope this helps!


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    mac07 I agree with all of the other posters here. We stayed at CSA for the first time in Dec. '08 and I loved the workout facilities. They were definately the best I'd ever seen at a resort. I like to participate in exercise classes and there was even travelling instructors for aerobics, step, yoga and rpm. Now where can you go and say that? I wish I had the desire to learn tennis because the pro gave, from what I was told, "free" lessons. In addition the bar at the complex serves up the best smoothies I've ever tasted. Your husband will be happy with what he finds there. Finally, I'd go to the gym twice a day if I had the chance here at home. But while at CSA there was so much to do that I only remember going to do a formal workout three times. Alternative workouts I found were, walking the beach, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, sailing hobie cats and walking from restaurant to restaurant. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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