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    Default Late May 2012 to Early June 2012

    Just wanting to meet others going to be there and say 'HI'.

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    My name is chacy and we are from Atascadero, ca in between san luis opisbo and paso robles. there are 4 of us going from may 26 to june 2..we are all in our 40"s ..wats your situation?

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    We are from Quesnel, BC Canada. Presently it has just snowed another 6-8 inches and we are in dire need of warmth
    My husband and I are going to renew our vows on May 31st (15 years) and we have another couple coming with us as well! We are all in our late thirties (37, 38, 38) and one in mid forties??? Not sure of his age.

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    sounds like you need a sunny vacation.We are very lucky where we live..been about 70 at the beaches recently...congrats on the 15 years..only 115 days..let the countdown begin!

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    So Chancy, where r u in your 40's.... I think it's only fair since I told you

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    41 to turn 42 just days after we return

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    Are you the couple that are going with the same sex couple as well? I think that when you call yourself a couples only resort it is important that ALL couples are welcome

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    nope..we are not but are glad it's open to all

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    Hmmmm... I wonder who it was then.... Anyway, one of the couples just texted me to say '105 days to go!!' And so the count down begins!!!

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