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    We are planning a honeymoon in May 2012. We definitely want to go to Negril, Jamaica as we've heard the beaches are beautiful. What are the major differences between Couples Negril and Swept Away? We are looking for gorgeous beaches, good cocktails, nightly entertainment and of course romance. Any suggestions would help! Thanks

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    We have not been to Swept Away, so I cannot comment on it. Couples Negril was so fantastic last May that we are going back again for 8 nights on May19. The beach is fantastic, the drinks are great, the food is good and plentiful, and the wife and I found it to be the most romantic vacation ever. We met and became friends with a honeymooning couple from our state last year and they were having a great time. I truly believe you would love Couples Negril.

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    Congrats on your wedding and plans to honeymoon in Jamaica.

    Ooh, what a toss up. Both CN and CSA have gorgeous beaches with soft, white sand. Both have absolutely beautiful sunsets to enjoy. The differences between them is really in the set up. CSA has more of a "villa" feel with individual buildings of grouped rooms where CN has 3-story buildings. CSA has it's restaurants and pools on either end of the resort with the rooms being in between. CN has it's restaurants and main pool in the center of the resort with the rooms peripherally. The beach at CSA is longer but narrower than the one at CN while the water seemed clearer and with less rocks and shells at CN than at CSA (maybe because it's protected in a cove). It also depends on if going AN is important to you (CSA doesn't have a AN beach and CN does). Both resorts have great nightly entertainment but CSA also has a disco.

    You'll really need to look at pictures of both resorts, do your research then choose the one that calls to you. The nice part is that no matter which Couples Resort you choose you're going to have the time of your new life together! Good luck with the choice and enjoy your honeymoon.

    Bart & Bug

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    If those are your requirements, either will work for you. Just look at the pictures and choose the one that calls you.

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    You may find the following useful:!

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