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    Default Massage Location

    My husband and I are arriving on April 28 - May 7th. This is our 4th visit to Couples Negril!! Our paradise!
    I would like to know, since I've had a little trouble with my knee, would they accomodate me by arranging for a massage at my room??? 2 years ago, I lost my massage, because it was too far for me to walk too without lots of pain. Help???

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    Not sure about the in-room thing, but buildings 1-5 are closer to the spa and outdoor massage locations, than they are to the restaurants. If you stay in these buildings, you should be able to make it to a massage with less effort than it would take to eat.

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    I was just looking at the spa brochure and there's a note on the back of the brochure that says they'll come to your room...but it will cost an extra $25.

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    Default massage location

    Thanks for your response!! It will be worth the $25. I'm worth it!!

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