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    Thanks everyone. Special special thanks to Shari n James, you have made planning our vow renewal so exciting. I must have studied your video/pix a gazillion times. Amazing. Looks like we're going to do the room service dinner on our balcony for a private reception the night of our renewal, since the private beach dinner is not an option. It's on a Monday. Any other suggestions? Again, thanks.

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    Miss Shari is always a wonderful wealth of information! Mike and I do love her dearly!

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    Awe aren't aren't you guys sweet.

    Twodance check out you local Dollar Tree store if you have one and get a bunch of flameless votive candles to deck out the balcony for your dinner. That's also where I got the paper doves garland they hung in the wedding gazebo. They even have little boxes of silk rose petals to scatter around if you like. Feel free to bring any decorations for the venue or cake and they will take care of them no extra charge to customize things a little. Word of advise after you eat your cake they seem to disappear even though they say they will put it in your room. I took a little cake box and had them put the top in it and took it with me we ate the bottom and there was still a ton left with six people eating it. Also line the box with plastic wrap or wax paper as the icing will make the box oily.

    Lew you sweetie right back at you sure hope we see you and Mike again some day can you believe it's been since Aug 2006!

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    are those flameless votive candles battery operated? i would love some for the balcony/verandah when we go to CSA in sept.
    and thanks shari-i get a ton of information from your posts. after sept, we will have been to all 4 couples as well. do you have a favorite?
    so far ours is CN. we love the beach. we love A/N so i am not sure how CSA will do but i am excited to try it and stay in the beachfront suite for our limited stay over my 50th bday.
    I really appreciate all the information you provide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandl View Post
    are those flameless votive candles battery operated? i would love some for the balcony/verandah when we go to CSA in sept

    Yes they are battery operated they come with little hearing aid size batteries already in them.
    Shari & James
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