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    Default From NE...May 27-June 1

    Will you be at CTI?

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    We are from Lincoln but we are going the end of Aug! too bad!

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    Ah....Bummer Mon..... Have fun do you have them on FB yet? Post pics when you get back! Im in Lincoln too.

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    oh yeah, this is the 4th time we will be going in six years. find me on facebook and i will friend you if you want. so you can check out some pics. no problem mon.....

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    John Jurgensmeier, not too many with that name around here.

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    My fiancé and I will be getting married there the day you leave!!! Too, bad! We needed witnesses for our wedding! ( How odd! ) I hope (and know) you will have a blast!

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    I am not sure why my replies are not showing up so I am trying something different. AXMH1985 look me up on FB and we can correspond then meet up while we are there! Kia Parsons Itzen. Cant wait to see you in Jamaica!

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