We are having a hard time deciding between CN and CTI. I really like all of the inclusions that CTI has to offer, and heard a lot of great things about the other tours on the Ocho side; i.e. Chukka Canopy Tours with the zip-lining, etc. But then I really like the fact that CN has a bigger beach. Our friends that have been to Negril have really enjoyed that side of Jamaica. I'm torn! It is going to cost more to go to CN vs CTI, so do I go with CTI because of this fact and it having more to offer on that side? Or do I choose CN because it seems that more people have more things to say about CN...and it having a better beach? It seems like CTI isn't talked about much.

Has anyone done zip-lining tours on the Negril side? If yes, is it comparable to the Ocho side?

This is our first trip so I'm wanting to make sure that we are making the right choice. Thanks for any insight.