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    I am getting ready to leave for CSA in September. Currently, I am staying in a garden room. I really want to upgrade to a different location. Does anyone know how I do this? If I can do it when I arrive at CSA or if I take care of it before?

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    Bribery sometimes works

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    If you are sure you want to upgrade, I would suggest calling Couples directly now to see if rooms are available rather than waiting until you arrive.

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    I would call the 1-800 number for Couples and do it before you leave.

    You need to have the room you want before you arrive at the resort, you do not want to start out your vacation on a bad note if the room you want is not available. Plan ahead and have a great time.
    Irie Mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy6591 View Post
    Bribery sometimes works
    Doubt it....

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    We had no problem upgrading onsite when we were at CTI in July. Took about 10 minutes tops...but, of course, the ocean view room (vs really bad, small garden view!) was available. We have found that working with the staff onsite at any Couples location is FAR easier...and nicer...then dealing with the Corporate office.

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