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    We are looking to book a vacation to CSA in Nov and being that it will be our first time there, what room is the best? We would love to be able to see/hear the ocean, especially at night, but we also enjoy our privacy. We also like the hammocks in the Atrium rooms. Having a TV doesnt matter to us.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    We have only stayed in the beachfrount suite category, but there are many who prefer the atrium. I like the beach being worked on in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand. I like to watch as the resort wakes up. You might get a wave from a staff or visitor but it rarely more than that. Privacy is not an issue. The second floor might be more private, and that is where we were the first 4 years, but this past Dec. we were on the first, and I think that we actually prefered it. So, look at pictures and flip a coin, at Swept Away, it always lands heads.

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    We've always stayed in a Garden Suite, but new ones are close to the back road. My nephew and wife stayed in an Atrium and really liked it...more privacy. I always request a second or third floor room for privacy as well. The ocean front rooms are nice but seem to have more foot traffic walking by.

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    To echo BarDar, we really love the beachfront rooms (both types) because we love waking up early and watching the resort wake up....It's so quiet, and a nice cup of Blue Mountain while watching the moon set is just about the best! That being said, the Atrium rooms are really lovely, and some of them are actually in the same location as the Beachfront Suites!!

    Take a look ad select the room type that speaks to you (and your budget)! And as BarDar says - we haven't had any problem with privacy in the Beachfront rooms....


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    Default CSA Room choice- Choose Atrium Suite 2nd floor!

    We have only been to CSA one time and we chose the Atrium Suite (requested a second floor and got it) and we loved it! To our left was the beautiful garden and to our right was an oceanview. We were a minutes walk from the beach. The suite has no glass on the windows except the french doors and is screened in with sturdy shutters that are adjustable allowing as much light or privacy as you want as well as allowing all the beautiful sounds from many different birds, tree frogs and swaying palm trees. Heard a small bit of traffic but nothing untolerable.The ceiling in the bathroom is not fully closed in on the second floor Atrium suites. But I think you will like the cathedral ceiling. It allowed more light and air to flow through the room. Room was a great temperature with the fan and air conditioning. Now I will say that if people are going to party in their rooms then yes you will hear them. Couples did an excellent job of handling the folks that had a party one night across the garden. So no worries mon, I love peace and quiet and certainly can't sleep any other way. So with all the lovely sounds, fresh air and sunshine, I am sure you will sleep like babies. Oh and the bed? Comfy! Nice duvet, clean white linen and housekeeping was awesome, along with mini-bar and turndown service. Loved Jamaican Pepsi and Ting on ice. So book this room category because you will love the open aired suite and sharing pastries and coffee together each morning on your huge balcony with a comfy hammock. We brought a set of mini-lites and it was nice on the balcony at night. We fell in love with this place and will be back as soon as possible. Have Fun!

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    Love the Beachfront Suite! To me, a room with a view is a required part of our vacation. I also love to sit on our porch and watch the resort come to life. The evening sunsets are amazing! I wouldn't stay anywhere else.
    Jan and Mark
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    CSA 2011, 2013
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    Could you hear the ocean at night? We think it would be awesome to fall asleep listening to the ocean..

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    Johnie, keep in mind that Swept Away faces west, hence there are no crashing waves [ unless of course of a storm], but yes, you can hear the water, and yes, it's awesome. It is also so easy to go from the beach to your room, that it can be done with no hesitation. Not that any room is far from the beach. At Swept Away, it's almost like the beach is an extension of your room. Just noticed, it's almost lunch time. Where the heck is my fish Taco?!

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