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    Default Oscar party at CSA?

    We are so happy to be returning to a Couples resort- went to CTI two years ago. Thought about other resorts/locations, but couldn't resist the call of Couples but trying the other side of the island this time at CSA. Anyway,I realized today as the nominees were announced that we will be at CSA during the Academy Awards ceremony. I've seen other threads talk about various parties I wouldn't have thought would be celebrated (Thanksgiving, etc) and wondered if there's anything special for the Oscars. I just want to bring a fancy dress if needed. Otherwise, we can always DVR and catch up later!

    We are just so looking forward to getting there, from what everyone says on here about CSA I think it's going to be a perfect fit for us.

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    You are going to love CSA. It is totally different from CTI, but with the same great food, service, and atmosphere. An Oscar party would be fun and that is a great idea. I hope they do something for that night so you can wear your red carpet dress. Enjoy your trip. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Default Oh good!

    I'm glad CSA is totally different than CTI- we really enjoyed our trip and the gorgeous resort but looking for a different vibe this time around. I'll have to update you all if there is an Oscar party.

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    Definitely let me know if they do anything. I start watching E! at 5pm on Oscar day to see all the fabulous fashion and celebrities. If you have any questions about CSA, just let me know. We loved the Martini Bar, eating the continental breakfast on our verandah, taking walks at night across the resort, and just laying on the beach and having servers bring us drinks. One of the best things about CSA is that every evening you get to witness awesome sunsets over the beautiful blue and endless Caribbean Sea. Just talking about this makes me want to go back now.

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    Default Red carpet

    Margi, I am the SAME way about the red carpet leading up and then the whole ceremony. Which is weird, becuase we usually only have seen about one or two of any of the movies mentioned at the time of the awards! Takes us a year to catch up.

    We are so excited to "stretch out" at CSA and can't wait to see the sunsets (and EVERYTHING else!).

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    I am the same way. I only am able to see a couple movies that are nominated. I try to get in as many as possible, but this year was especially hard because a lot of the movies weren't even released until the end of 2011. I guess I've got a few weeks to see if any of them have come out on DVD. I'm so jealous of you guys. We aren't going back to CSA until next year.....hopefully. Have a blast!

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    Update= no Oscar party. Watched some red carpet coverage while dressing for dinner. It was after our first full day at the resort and we were wiped out after a fantastic dinner at Feathers; back to the room to relax and catch the end of the show on TV. No problem, mon!

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    Thanks for the update. I just read your review and it was very good. I'm so glad you had a good time.

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