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    Default Scuba Equipment & Dive Sites at CN?

    First time diving at Couples. Usually I pack an extra suitcase and bring my BCD, M, S & F, dive computer, log book and wetsuit. Can't afford the regs yet but working on it.

    For those that dive alot, do you bother bringing your full length 3mm wetsuit for the single tank dives?

    I'd like to plan out my week and do the better dive sites and skip the not-so-good ones to spend some bonding time with my wife. What are the best dive sites that they take you to from CN? Is there a link to the dive schedule on the MB?

    Am I coorect in my understanding that the only day that they do a double tank dive that includes a deep dive is Saturday?


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    I never used a wetsuit at CN. Water is warm. They don't do a double tank dive. They do a single tank at 9 and go
    out again at 1. Night dives on request for $50 extra. Well with it. I would even use their equipment rather than lug it along.

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    Info for dive sites at

    Wife and I wear dive skins for protection and some warmth. A few people wear 3mm wetsuits. Most wear t-shirts and swim trunks.

    Saturday morning is a two tank dive. I think Sunday is their day off but I can't remember.

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    Deep dives are every day at 9am - Sunday to Friday
    Shallow dives are every day at 1:30pm - Sunday to Friday
    Saturday everyone get two full tanks on the boat. First dive is deeper at 9am then you travel to a different location and then do the shallower dive after the proper amount of surface time has elapsed. You're usually back to the resort about 12:30pm on Saturdays.
    Dive sites are decided on the spur of the moment depending on weather conditions.
    You'll love it and maybe your wife will decide to get certified while down there. Some folks do their book learnin' at home then do their open water tests at the resort.

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    Irie at CN is right on with the schedule. To piggyback on that, in over 3 dozen dives at CN, we have never brought anything more than our MFS and wetsuits, which are 3mm shorties. The only thing you may want to bring additional is your computer, if you are one of those folks that only keeps track of your dives by computer. I'm only 36, but old-school in the sense that I have been diving for 24 years and have never used a computer, nor felt the need. You don't necessarily HAVE to bring your log book, but it is just good measure to take it with you. We always fill ours out after our dives, while we're eating at the Beach Grill. I never bring my BCD, regs, gauges, etc, to Couples, because it's just extra stuff to lug around and they have all of that stuff there for no extra charge.

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    Forgot to mention - we bring our shorty wetsuits (good idea if you plan to go on a night dive $50pp), fins, mask and snorkel. If you don't have a wetsuit it's suggested that you wear a t-shirt at least. This is because the oils in our skin (not to mention the sunscreen we slather on) will break down the BCD's. We've never needed the snorkel because if it's calm on the surface - we just relax, if it's rough then we put our regulators back in (can't remember when it's been necessary to do that).
    Log books and C-cards are required each time we go to the resort, even though we've dived at CN numerous times (34 dives on one trip) they still check it out before we can sign up. I think this is a great policy by the way. The dive teams at each of the Couples resorts are truly conscientious and very concerned with the guest's well-being. We both have dive computers and we bring those with us. It makes me feel like I'm taking responsibility for my own safety, and we enter info into our log books when back on the beach. That's when I fill out our trip diary as well. I keep one for all of our trips. I write people's names that we met, food we loved, exciting dives etc.

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