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    Default The Simple Truth of Service

    I think a YOU TUBE video THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF SERVICE with Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz can help to explain why we keep returning to the Couples brand, again and again. We love CTI.

    Every employee at Couples make a difference and each one works so hard to make their guests feel at home, comfortable, and important. They are so much more than employees, they care and they become very special to the guests.

    From Delroy who rakes the beach before dawn, to the culinary teams who provide great food every day, to the helpful watersports team, the friendly bartenders, the bellmen, the lobby staff, the house keeping staff, and the entertainment team - they are exceptional people.

    Our ninth trip to CTI in January was exceptional in every way.

    Our name is 2N2FUN and we approved this message.

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    You really nailed the "Couples experience" with this video. Thanks for sharing! It made my day!

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    Default Thank You

    Thank you for sharing this ~ made me cry and I'm looking forward to our first visit to Couples Swept Away in October in a whole new way now x

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    What an amazing video...touched my heart!

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