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    Default 30 Days from today, we should be arriving to CSA!

    We are very excited! First all inclusive trip for my wife and I. Getting in on a Friday, looks like we start our trip with the Beach Party! should be a good start. Going for 6 nights - nice break from the South Dakota weather!

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    See you there. We'll be arriving the next day! You'll love all-inclusive. My husband and I have done both, but much prefer the all-inclusive. It's so nice to not have to worry about carrying money around, or worrying that you're spending too much of it.

    This will be our first time to "Couples" brand. Sounds like we've made a good choice!

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    Awesome choice of resorts. You are going to love CSA. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar above the Palms restaurant at night and wander the beach as far as you like. It's the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    The beach party is a great way to start your vacation. My wife and I did that last Aoril, and it puts you in the correct mind set right off the bat. Feet in the sand, beer in hand. We get there on a Fri. this April too and that was part of the plan. Feet in the sand, beer in hand.

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    We too share your countdown.... only we're going to CN. We went to CSA 2 years ago. It was our first of the Couples brand. What a vacation! We stayed in an Atrium room and I think about the hammock on the patio all the relaxing.... the tree frogs serenading us at night. The walkways that wind thru the resort (especially at night)..... the beach...the beach is incredible. Good times. Was CTI better...???.hmmmm...missed the beach... but great in its own way. Looking forward to going back to Negril. The beach.. the sunsets... it's good... all good. Be excited.. very excited!! Jeff

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    Us too!! Arriving Sat 26th, but not till evening. Hoping there's some lobster left when we arrive. :-) Can hardly wait. Looking forward to meeting some lovely folks too.

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    We get in the day after also. The beach party is a lot of fun. food is great and they have bars set up around the area. Entertainment is great and also some vendors set up as in jewellry, cigars etc. Weather is usually fine. we have been this time of the year on most of travels to CSA and beach party always on the beach. You will love CSA. See you on the beach.

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    We also arrive on the 24th and looking forward to spending our first night at the Beach Party. I am getting soooo excited. This is our first trip to Negril, celebrating our 25 Anniversary.

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