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    Default Penthouse Suite at CSS?

    We just cancelled are trip from CN (3 previous trips) and decided to try CSS this time. We booked a Penthouse Suite and was wondering if anyone could tell me where these are located. If these suites are in a couple different bldgs. is there one bldg that we should try to get?

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    Hi Sue and Mark,
    We love the Penthouse Suites!!!! They are located in buildings C, D, and E. The PH Suites in building D are the most popular because of the large balconies and unobstructive views of either the main beach or the sea (the side of the building your room is on determines your view). Some of the PH's in D, the Steve McQueen Suite, has a wonderful walk in blue-tiled shower and a powder room. The extra bathroom comes in handy when the 2 of you are both trying to get ready for dinner. This suite is D-14 I think. It was the suite we were given on our first trip to CSS. Building D is fairly close to the middle of the resort and the stairs aren't sooooo bad.:-) The Steve McQueen Suite is definitely our favorite. Some folks prefer its next door neighbor which is the Roger Moore Suite. I think that number is D-20--it too has awesome views but no walk in shower or powder room.

    The PH's in building E look out over the Mineral Pool to the sea. These rooms are lovely too, but they just have smaller balconies. Sometimes they can be a bit noisy because they are so close to the Balloon Bar. We have stayed in 2 of the E PH's and never had a problem with the noise.

    In December we received the Pavarotti Suite that was in building C. We loved this room too--it had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We could really spread out. The only drawback was that the balcony was small and the view to the main beach was obstructed......

    I would think that you would have a lovely trip no matter what Penthouse Suite you were given!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to help if I can!

    One Love!

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    Our first trip to CSS was an ocean view suite, F-2, right over the lobby. This wasn't a penthouse suite, but we loved it. We got to watch the nightly entertainment from our balcony.

    Our second trip we booked a penthouse. We got E-12. This had an A M A Z I N G view of the ocean. It overlooked the mineral pool and we could also sit on our balcony together while listening to the nightly entertainment from the balloon bar. I've heard a few complaints about the noise level, but we often fell asleep on our balcony listening to the band.

    Our third trip is in April 2013, we also booked a penthouse. Wonder what we'll get this time?

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    Here's the location of the Penthouse suites:

    C-08: Pavarotti (2 bedroom, 2 full baths)

    D-20: Roger Moore (front left)
    D-21: Angela Bassette (front right)
    D-14: Steve McQueen (back left) (extra 1/2 bath)
    D-27: Harry Belafonte (back right) (extra 1/2 bath)
    D-13: Prime Minister (far back left) (extra 1/2 bath) (this is its own room category now)

    E-10: Jacaranda
    E-11: Poinciana
    E-12: Frangipani

    Also, here are a few links to a few old posts about the CSS Penthouse suites, w/ lots of descriptions.

    My comments in those old posts are a bit outdated as the Prime Minister's suite is now its own room category. And, C block only has the one PH suite.

    CSS is a gorgeous resort. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do -- this August will be our 7th time to the property !!


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    We had E-9(I think) on our trip last year. This is the penthouse suite on the corner closest to Building D. We had awesome views from the balcony as well as the bedroom windows. We were furthest from the Baloon Bar so we could hear it fine but it was not too loud. We would love to get a Penthouse Suite in D when we travel in June...just to see another option. We have stayed in the Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites as well and I must say those are really, really good as well...they just lack the view.

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