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    Default help at orlando airport, need quick responses

    Hi everyone,

    we are trying to book our flights and have a question the best (cheapest way) for us to fly is flying
    airtran into Orlando Airport and then fly Jetblue from Orlando to Montego Bay. Now the question
    there is only 44mins between the time we land in Orlando and the time we take off on Jetblue. Is that
    enough time to grab our stuff from Airtran and get it checked in with Jetblue and then get to our plane?
    Question 2 will we have to go through security again too?

    Thank you so much I have never flown two different airlines before.

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    That is a really short connection even if everything goes perfectly and you have no hickups.

    There's a couple of things that would make it difficult. I don't know if Jetblue and Airtran have codesharing but if they don't you would need to get your checked luggage and recheck it since they won't check it through to your final destination. If the two airlines operate out of different terminals, you would need to go through security again. Also, if you miss the connecting flight, Jetblue will consider it your fault (just as if you had overslept and missed your flight). They will eventually get you to Montego Bay, but you'll be on standby at the airport.

    A couple of years ago, we flew 2 separate airlines...changing from southwest to Air Jamaica at LAX. We opted for carry-on only so we didn't have the luggage problem but we did have to go through another security checkpoint in LA. We had 3 hours in between and I wouldn't have tried it with less. I have also missed a plane due to my fault and it is the worst experience as you are on the bottom of any standby list and instead of a nonstop, I had to fly 3 segments just to get there 12 hours late. I'm a little scarred by this...

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    There are two terminals at Orlando: JetBlue is in Terminal B and AirTran is in Terminal A. You do not need to pick up your luggage and take it from AirTran to Jet Blue. This will be done for you by the airline. However, when your bags are ticketed, be sure your claim check has the correct routing on it. I have had instances where my claim check noted my bags going somewhere different than I was going.

    You will not need to go through security again.

    In my opinion, 44 minutes is cutting it very short, especially since international flights tend to close their doors early. And it is always risky to transfer from one airline to another, especially two airlines that are not part of the same alliance (e.g., Continental and USAirways are part of the Star Alliance).

    I personally would pay more to avoid the scenario that you have described. I travel every week for work, and fly 3-4 times a month. The only way I would consider booking the scenario you describe would be if I wasn't checking any bags. Even then I probably would not do it.

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    I think you need to check with the airline. Usually if you are flying international (Jamaica is) you need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of your flight. This gives them time to check your passport and stuff. 44 minutes is plenty of time for domestic flights. It also depends on if you have to change concourses in which case you will have to go back through TSA security. Again the airline should be able to help you.

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    I live in Orlando, and I have been trying to remember if Airtran and JetBlue are in the same terminal. I agree with the previous poster, I think you will have to claim your luggage, check in again with JetBlue and go through security. I don't think 44 minutes would be enough time. We always take either JetBlue or Airtrans non-stop to MBJ, so we don't have your predicament. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and you reach paradise as scheduled!!!!

    One Love!

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    It's going to be very tight. You have to come out of Terminal A and go across the airport to Terminal D. Problem is you have to go through security again. Depending on the time of day, you probably won't make it.

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    That helps!
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    Pay the extra coin and use Airtran for your entire trip. I don't believe that they will transfer your bags from one airline to the other so you would have to re-check with Jet Blue and 44 minutes is way beyond cutting it close, especially for international. I do not where you are coming into Orlando from but I do know that Airtran flies into MBJ, been there done that in 2010 for trip to CSA


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