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    Default Truthfully, what do I need to bring?

    Everyone jokes with me that I was born in heels, I like to dress up and rock killer shoes - but is that even necessary here (or is there anywhere I could even wear them without breaking my ankles, what are the walkways like?). Not to mention they can end up weighing more and I always have an issue with the 50lb bag weight limit as it is...and Spirit charges an arm and a leg for bags so I only get to bring one.

    Should I even bother with heels for dinner or dancing? Or I was just thinking of bringing a ton of bikinis, coverups, and sundresses/long dresses/blazers for dinner with flip flops and sandals. Do I need anything more or any kind of "clubby" outfits? We leave Thursday so any responses before then would be great! Thanks!
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    I too was born in heels and when we go to CTI I always wear my killer heels in the evenings but you don't need them as long as you have a pair of evening type sandals for the 8 Rivers Restaurant. There is no problem walking as it's just an hotel with normal hotel floors and you can walk around the pool, etc in the evening and to all the restaurants in 6" heels - as I do - no problem. However, if you are going to CSS, heels are not advisable for the Gala dinners as they are held on the lawn - lawn and heels = no no!!

    My husband complains about the weight of my cases but on our last visit we were lucky enough to be allowed 2 cases each hold luggage - heaven, I too 7 pairs of heels!! I'm mad I know but I love my heels!!

    Have a great time and enjoy your heels!!

    Mad about tennis

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    If you love your heels, bring them. I love wearing heels and always wear mine to dinner at CTI. Walking to and from the restaurants you're on level ground. I managed to narrow mine down to one pair that would go with all my dresses last time (think gold or silver strappy sandals). Clubby outfits are fun and there is sometimes a disco night where they'd be appropriate. I always bring a few cocktail dresses. I say go for it! If you love your heels you'll miss them!!

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    You don't mention which resort you are headed to. we have only been to CSA so can only comment on what things are like there. I would suggest you not bring the heels. I too love to wear heels when I dress up but find that the walkways and staircases at CSA make it a challenge. I bring a few pair of dressy wedge sandals for dinner. Find we spend all day in swimwear and only wear shorts or capris if we go off resort which doesn't happen often. I like to wear sundresses at dinner.

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    I was just going to ask about high heels at CSA, so I'm glad to see this thread! Sounds like the CSA walkways might be too cobbled-like for safe walking? We were at CTI two years ago and I wore them, no problem other than slipping on shiny floors occasionally. Tried to wear them at an upscale resort in Mexico a few years back with less success due to uneven (but gorgeous) terrain.

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    I love shoes and have some awesome heels, but I bring hot wedge shoes to CSA because of the walkways. I still look hot, but I don't fall down. And after going to CSA a couple times, I have realized that you really only wear swimsuits, cover-ups, sundresses and sandals/flipflops. Don't over pack because you won't wear 1/2 of what you bring. Enjoy!

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    Oops, going to CN! Thanks for the advice so far
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