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    Default Pay it forward! Irie!

    I will never forget a day at CN when my wife and I went out to the floating platform. A group of couples from New England (there is a picture of one of the guys here somewhere, he's wearing a Red Sox hat - GO SOX!) were hanging out on the platform. One of them ran ashore to get some cocktails...and surprised my wife and I by bringing one out for each of us! Talk about irie!

    This past December, my wife and I were hanging at the pool bar at CN. There were a group of women hanging in the upper section of the pool near the water fall to the lower section. As we were looking to get another cocktail, we could tell that they were thirsty. "Could we get you something from the bar?" They gladly accepted and we know that we helped make their day! We saw one of the woman in the same spot a day or two later and did the same. I know she will smile whenever she thinks of our "pool service".

    Now don't get me wrong - the staff at CN does a great job and it is never too difficult to get a drink...but there are just a few places they don't cover. So I am suggesting - keep an eye out for a traveler in need. Heck, the next time I bring an extra drink back from the bar, it just might be for you!


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    Now you know why we've loved the atmosphere, staff, management and everything about the Couples Resorts since 1980!

    Irie 2 u 2!

    Paul & Debbie
    Our message board name came to us immediately when deciding!

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