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    Default C.N. Ocean, watershoes?

    I can't remember if the Ocean was mostly sandy, urchin free, or anything else one could step on. The last resort we were at had a lot of sea urchins in the shallow ends. I don't want to pack my watershoes if I don't have to!

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    Beautiful sandy beach. You can walk in up to your neck, look down and there will only be beautiful sandy beach.

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    You won't need any at CN.

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    We've been to CN 5 times and have never worn water shoes. I suppose there's always the possibility you could step on something. We've always found the ocean to be sandy and urchin free. Enjoy!!

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    Sand is soft, white, and beautiful. No worries regarding stuff to step on...just watch out for the starfish...don't want to injure the littel fellas. Enjoy!

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    The ocean at CN has nothing but soft white sand on the bottom. Not even any seaweed No water shoes needed!
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    We were at CN at the height of the hurricane season and the bottom was clean, sandy, and hosted a variety of small fish, star fish, but no urchins. I've heard that, if a storm deems it so, sea weed can be washed into Bloody Bay and litter the beach....until the Staff gets it clear. Maybe urchins with that, I don't know. But, it was sandy bottom our last trip.

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    No shoes, no shirts, no problems...

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    Last year at Reno Bueno you really had to watch where you were walking. Sea Urchins and rocks everywhere! It was kinda creepy. The year before at CN I don't remember because my Mom was home hospice and the trip was non refundable because part of it was a voucher due to the norvirus outbreak at COR when we were there. I felt very guilty for going even though the Doctors, and everyone one said to go. So i wasn't paying much attention to stuff on that trip. I'm so looking forward to enjoying CN without any worry this time! Can't wait to sink my toes in that beautiful sand!!!

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    The only thing I've ever stepped on at CN was a crab. The way I jumped gave all of my friends on the beach a laugh as they welcomed me to the club.
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