I have seen on the MB numerous times that folks book only the resort through Couples, and book the airfare seperate, so that they can save money. However, I have tried numerous times and many different ways to get quotes on the "hotel" only and "hotel and airfare" Each and every time, the total that Couples quotes is cheaper if I were to book it all together, and it may not even matter which day of the week we travel, even though the airline has "discounts" on certain days of the week. I have gotten the quotes from Couples and marked down the airlines/flights that they post. I have taken those same exact flight numbers and tried to book them through the same airline, and they are $300 more if I were to use the airline. What is the secret to finding this "cheap(er)" airfare. Are people using flight miles (which we dont have), or are they simply looking in places I am not, and I can assure you that I havent left too many stones unturned. I just thought that I was ignorant the first time and did everything directly through Couples, but Im not too sure that it isnt the best way to go. Please help us if you can.

Thanks in advance. Jamaica Come Soon (again).