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    Default Airfare...yes again, but maybe asked differently this time....???

    I have seen on the MB numerous times that folks book only the resort through Couples, and book the airfare seperate, so that they can save money. However, I have tried numerous times and many different ways to get quotes on the "hotel" only and "hotel and airfare" Each and every time, the total that Couples quotes is cheaper if I were to book it all together, and it may not even matter which day of the week we travel, even though the airline has "discounts" on certain days of the week. I have gotten the quotes from Couples and marked down the airlines/flights that they post. I have taken those same exact flight numbers and tried to book them through the same airline, and they are $300 more if I were to use the airline. What is the secret to finding this "cheap(er)" airfare. Are people using flight miles (which we dont have), or are they simply looking in places I am not, and I can assure you that I havent left too many stones unturned. I just thought that I was ignorant the first time and did everything directly through Couples, but Im not too sure that it isnt the best way to go. Please help us if you can.

    Thanks in advance. Jamaica Come Soon (again).

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    I think people book the room way in advance and then wait on airfare until it gets in a lower price range. You will find a lot of people find a cheaper flight 1 or 2 months away from leaving for vacation. That's how they get the cheaper flight.

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    Also, a lot of times when people are booking a reservation way in advance the airline times/flights aren't posted so they have to wait. They book the hotel when a good deal comes up and then wait until the flights are posted. Most flights we found will not post more than a year in advance. Maybe even less.

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    I have looked at both ways, using couples for both and separately. The first year we did book both through couples. The last two we have booked airfare directly. What I did find was that at the time we booked the resort, if we booked the airfare at that time, it was the same price either way. Now we book the resort alone and hope to find a deal on airfare. We don't wait until a month or two away but typically book when we feel like the airfare is the best price we will get. I watch the seats and don't want to get booked out, so if it is as low as we think it will go, or it is getting full, we go ahead and book. I don't know how much we save that way though. I don't calculate it by that time. I just want to make sure we get a flight and don't have to worry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margi View Post
    I think people book the room way in advance and then wait on airfare until it gets in a lower price range. You will find a lot of people find a cheaper flight 1 or 2 months away from leaving for vacation. That's how they get the cheaper flight.
    This is what we do and has worked out for us.

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    There really isn't a right or wrong way to book or one way that is always going to save you money. If you have looked at all the travel site pick the one that works for you and let the count down begin.

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    We booked seperately, it didn't really save us money, but we did it that way because most the flight options couples website offered out of our departure airport were crappy overnight flights, and the few that weren't wouldn't get us there til later evening and would be about the same price as booking seperately but we could get there much earlier. I called Couples to see if they offered other flight option than were listed on the website, but they don't I guess. So we went ahead and booked seperately. I think it depends on where you are coming from and what is important to you. We waited to book our airfare seperately only to find it continully going up! We though about waiting, but didn't want to risk getting stuck with another overnight flight. It was more important to us to get there earlier and pay a little extra.

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    I booked thru Couples the first time we went, price was the same, and we booked the vacation only about 4 months before we took it. Since we fell in love with CN that trip, we book our next trip almost as soon as we get back to our Non-Jamaican home. With that said, airlines only put a schedule out 321 days in advance, so we can't book both through couples since our countdown usually starts around 350 days when we book our next trip to CN.

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    When we booked our 8/2012 trip it was in 7/2011 and flights for Airtran were not posted....they still are not posted We could fly out of Philly on Caribbean Air (Air Jamaica) but since they changed over I really do not want to deal with them.

    So we are stuck with having to book separately which is a catch 22. We can wait to see if we get a less expensive package deal or get in on the great early booking deals.

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    I have found that my travel agent can get me better or at least equal deals to what I find on my own. Saves me a lot of hassle too.

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    A good and trusted travel agent can be an asset, but as with everything there are some rubbish ones as well! So if you get a referral from someone you trust, then that could be the way to go. Alternately, check out web sites like Opodo (in the UK), or Kayak (USA). They will give you search results over a wide range of airlines. I think Kayak will monitor flight parameters that you set, and email you when a cheap deal comes along. (The site in it's previous incarnation used to do that, haven't used it since moving to UK.) Another option is to look on tour company sites for their charter flights. There can be bargains there - the down-side to charter is that there is ONE flight, and if' it is cancelled it's not like you have a whole airline network to be picking up the slack. NOTE: If you use a tour company or travel agent, make absolutely certain that they are registered in your country's traveller protection scheme. (ATOL for example.) This way if the company goes bust, you and your hard-earned money are protected! Also strongly suggest using a credit card v/s a debit card for the exact same reason. (Even if you just transfer the cash straight into your credit card so the balance is paid.) Much more protection from a credit card! (Knew a UK couple who lost their entire honeymoon when their travel agency went bankrupt just before they were to depart. Because they were trying to be responsible and paid cash/debit, they couldn't even get refunded from a credit card company. So all was lost. Tragic!)

    Personally, I do both. I do some research on airfares/resort costs myself. I then check the airline's travel agency (ie Virgin Atlantic, British Airways) for prices. Then once I have an idea of the range, contact a trusted travel agent and see what they can come up with. I've been upfront with them, saying "the best deal I've found is X, can you improve on that?" Sometime it's yes, sometimes it is same price but with a perk or 2, sometimes no.

    Good luck!

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    When we lived in Denver it was always cheaper to book separately, but I have found that in Phoenix it appears cheaper to book together through Couples although I haven't yet checked with my TA. I'm pretty sure Couples buys blocks of seats on airplanes and sometimes gets outstanding prices that you can't get on your own. Weigh all the options and see what works best for you. I have found that sometimes the packages don't have the best flight times.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I, like mgraulie, booked thru my travel agent. I showed her what was available and asked her if she could match or do better. She ended up saving us a couple hundred dollars.

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    I spent weeks researching and after all the different scenerios I could think of Couples came up cheaper each and every time! I finally stopped wasting my time and booked all through Couples. Glad I did, I still check every so often and the prices are now higher! Very happy booking everything with Couples which is something I've never done in the past.

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    We've tried both ways several times, there does'nt seem to be a savings by buying your tickets seperate from the package. We normally buy our package from Costco and seem to get a better deal and better flight times.

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