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    Default Need e-reader advice, please!

    I'm looking at a Kindle Touch 3G to read with on our trips to CSS, but I would love to have some advice from those of you who have e-readers. Does the 3G work great in Ocho Rios? Any suggestions for something that might be a better buy?

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    We both have Kobos (Not the touch version).

    What's nice about these is you only need one hand to use. The touch screens ususally require the other hand to turn the page.

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    I got the kindle touch wifi ( no 3g ) just before my recent trip to csa, and absolutely loved it. I toyed with getting the 3g model, but in the end decided I didn't need it. The only time you need the 3g is when you are in an area that doesn't have wifi, and you need to buy more books. Since all the resorts now have wifi, if you download all the books you want to take, before leaving home, there will be no need for the 3g... just saving some money. The kindle worked beautifully... no sun glare, light to hold while reading, but best of all, no need to lug all those heavy books with you!

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    The Kindle with 3G works great in Ocho Rios or anywhere in the world where 3G can be accessed.

    My husband has the Kindle with Wi-Fi and 3G and has used 3G in CTI before CTI had Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel, now the Kindle automatically picks up the free Wi-Fi at CTI instead of 3G. He also uses 3G in the UK where there is no free wi-fi available and in Europe, eg in a villa in the Italian Mountains where there was no wi-fi at all and the Kindle automatically used the 3G band for downloads of books, newspapers, etc. quickly and with no problems.

    My husband hates to be without an English newspaper when we are on holiday so I bought him a Kindle a year or so ago and now he's happy LOL!! Says it's the best present ever!!

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    I have the Kindle 3G and used it last year at CSS. Loved it!

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    I have an iPad 2 and it is amazing. Just turn off your e-mail so you don't get tempted to work while you're there. I had a Nook before and it was good but I like the iPad better. Sunglare can be issue with the iPad but you can always adjust so you can see. Also if you get the Nook or the Kindle you are stuck getting books from those two companies. With the iPad you can download the free readers and you can download the books from whoever is the cheapest. You can have the Kindle, Nook and Apple eReaders on your iPad. I have probably saved $100 this year alone because I can shop around and buy from the cheapest company.

    I also wouldn't waste money getting anything with the 3G that you need to subscribe to such as Sprint or Verizon. You can find a WiFi hotspot most of the time or if you download from home (if you have wireless Internet) the devices work with that. Save yourself $30 a month.

    Happy reading!

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    Default Consider getting the 3G

    I have an old (pre-touch) Kindle and love it. I would definitely recommend an e-reader that uses e-ink instead of a back-lit screen since it's so much easier to read in the sun. One thing I would do is consider the 3G. It's true that you don't need it to download books at Couples, but I've found it very useful when an open wireless signal is not available. I've also used the experimental web browser (not sure if these are on the touch version) to check email when traveling. I don't know the cost differences, but it's worth considering. Whatever you choose, it's definitely better than lugging all those books! The only time I miss having a physical book is during take-off and landing when the plane crew makes you turn off electronic devices.

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    Just for info the 3G option on the Kindle is free and you do not pay a subscription, it is part of the initial purchase price of the 3G Kindle. We have the old pre-touch version and although the 3G version was more expensive than the wi-fi only, it has been worth it as books, newspapers, etc can be downloaded when there is no wireless signal available and at no cost. As stated by verknid, the e-ink used on the Kindle is so easy to read in the sun, in fact it is no different from reading a paper book and you soon forget that you are actually using an e-reader.

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    Thank you all so much for your replies. I just got back from a hotel in Florida that had no wi-fi in the rooms. To check the Internet using my ipod, I'd have to trek down to the hotel lobby. I found that annoying, so I think I'd feel pretty much the same with a kindle without 3G, especially since the use of Amazon 3G is free. Then, if I'm on Sunset Beach where wi-fi doesn't reach, I can still download a book from there if I need to. I worry that owning a Kindle gives Amazon a monoply on my electronic book buying, though. Verkind....I guess I could carry one small paperback to read while on the airplane waiting for take-off and landing. Thanks for the reminder about that.

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