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    Default CN today

    Update on E.T. at CN.

    As of Friday we saw Carlos, Kadeen, Tiffany, Anjelica, Nellie (she is Team Lead - more on that later).

    Still no cappucino machines - darn.

    Hi Gary&Patti!!
    Hey Francine&Art - actually gave hug to Jermaine - ask him. Also Ivy, Amanda, Damion, Denva, .... and many others. Too excited to be back.

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    rudi, so glad you returned to CN. Can't wait to hear about any and all changes you have noticed. You are the best at giving your observations of my favorite home away from home. Please tell our wonderful Tennyson that his adopted mom will be there in two weeks!

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    Hey Rudi, Sounds like you are having Too Much Fun!! Yay You!! Hugs to you and the Mrs. Have a Wonderful Time! Wish We Were There Too!
    P.S. You have many more hugs to deliver!
    Art xo Francine

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    Hi oxbgirl. We saw him last night. Looking great and all is well. We'll give hellos tonight (working main bar at night).

    more on changes later - oh, last night at the repeat dinner Karen said Glenroy is moving to CTI and announced new woman as Food&Bev Mgr - can't recall her name at the moment.

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    Oxbgirl - Tennyson said he looks forward to seeing you in 2 weeks - a Valentines tradition for you, I guess.
    Said we need to stay until then to be properly introduced. Um, yeah we'll work on that. He should have pics of his 2nd daughter for you,

    A&F - Nellie insists on calling Art, Arthur and she is doing great job as ET mgr.

    Weather and everything has been great.

    Don't know if I posted yet that Elkie looks great - at BG bar in the day so far. Yannick has been at nude beach bar, I think Oxbgirl or Leoconnor asked who was there. We always thought female bartenders were there, but don't really know.

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    Thanks for the updates. Can't wait to hear if there are any other changes....Tennyson has another daughter??!! Glad to hear Elkie is back. She's a doll. Have you seen Floy? hope you are having a great time. You and the Mrs. should definitely stay through Valentine's Day.

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    Hi Rudi!
    We hope you two are having a great time! So Nana's gone? We're going through withdrawals, 96 days til CSS, then CN in Sept. We do love the updates! Hope to see you one of these trips.

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    We love how Nellie says "Arthur" .... look forward to hearing just that!
    No doubts that Nellie will do an Excellent Job - She's Terrific
    And Congrats to Simone on her Promotion....
    So.... who did you hug today?
    More Updates (and Details) Please
    Have a Wonderful Time !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    G&P - it is now Nellie, Carlos, Kadeen, Tiffany, and Anjelica.

    Oxbg - saw Floy last night - she looks great.

    A&F - more details later, must hit the beach. Did hug Floy and Mesha though.

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    Rudi, Hope you are having a great time! Thanks for giving all the hugs for us. I can't believe Glenroy is leaving for CTI. Do you know when he is supposed to leave? Will he be there Valentine's? Have you noticed any other changes?

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    Glenroy's last day is today (Friday), don't know when he starts CTI.

    Dilly Ann to corporate, Onique to Front MGR, Simone to Onique's duty mgr position, Nellie to Simone's ET lead. Good promo's for all of them. About 2 weeks ago.
    We saw Floy this AM and gave a vague hello from oxbgirl/Valentine's day couple. Didn't ring a bell until we told about decoration bar with Valentine's day material (someone told us that last night about you guys). She immediately rattled off first names, home state, etc. Apparently you've made quite the impression. She looks forward to seeing you.

    Beach is beautiful today. More reports later, but can say that yesterday became a bit of a "Grouples" day - everywhere we turned large, loud groups. We've met some groups that are very nice and well behaved. Others... well let's just say we quickly head in the other direction. Tip - hit the beach very early in the AM and it is nice and peaceful.
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    Rudi, you are so kind to deliver all these messages. Thank you so much! Hope you are having a great time....but sorry to hear about the loud groups....Glad the beach has been beautiful....I love the peacefulness of CN in the early morning. Just a week until we'll be there!

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