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    Hello. My girlfriend and I are making our first trip to Jamaica in May. We will be at CN. She has heard all these stories about how unsafe things are off the resort grounds. I'm not talking about a back alley at midnite (unless it was REALLY fun). I mean just the town, if there is one, during the day. Can we rent scootoers or golf carts and go cruisin around or should we just stay at the resort? We are there for seven nights and like to see all we can. Thanks, and any additional tips for things to see or do are greatly appreciated...

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    As with traveling to any country, common sense must prevail. In fact, there are certain places within our own country that we wouldn't visit later at night. That being said, we have had very good sucess hiring drivers in Jamaica. We've just said that we want to see the island and have been taken to some very cool places. The driver doesn't leave your side and provides a really great perspective. As well, in Montego Bay (not sure about other areas), there are "tourist police" everywhere. They wear white shirts with green plaid trim. They are there to help if you are being harassed by vendors, are unsure about where you are, etc. as far as renting scooters or golf carts, be aware that Jamaicans drive on the opposite side of the road. Could become very tricky....not sure if I would risk it. Enjoy will meet some of the friendliest people.

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