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    Default Reservations at Otaheite

    I will be traveling to Couples Negril in early July with 9 other guests. Will it be possible to reserve a table for 10 at Otaheite, the fancy restaurant? From the pictures on the website it looks like there are a lot of 2-people tables, and I was hoping they'd have the ability to accommodate a larger group.

    Second question -- our group arrives on Thursday and we'd like to eat at Otaheite on Saturday. Are we able to make reservations the day we arrive?

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    As long as there is availability, it shouldn't be an issue getting the reservation for a group of 10. You can make reservations the day you arrive, but availability may be slim. It's really hit or miss.

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    There are many tables for two, but only one table for six, and several tables for four. Perhaps your group can try booking the table for six and a table for four on the same night. You might not be able to all sit together, but at least you all can try to eat at the same restaurant on the same night.
    Remember that Couples is a "couples" resort (romantic) not one of those super resorts which focus on large groups and volume. A group of 10 sitting together in Otaheite would be very noisy and disruptive.

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    They do have large tables and can probably accommodate you, they take reservations two days out.

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    There is seating for large groups in the middle of the restaurant, so accomadating your group should be no problem. Just be sure to make your reservations early. And note that you can't make the reservations too far in advance...I'm thinking you can only reserve 2 days in'll need to check with Couples to be sure.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Our group probably would be noisy and I'd feel bad disrupting other people's romantic evenings. Perhaps Lychee would fit our vibe a little better.

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