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    Default January weather in Ocho Rios??!!!

    We are planning our wedding in Ocho Rios at Couples Tower Isle for next January 5-11!! I have read a few recent reviews that people wrote that had just went there and said that the sun never came out while they were there and that it rained 3 of their 7 days there!! I am so nervous now because I want to have beautiful weather for my wedding and I don't want it tobe cold and cloudy and rainy!! Also, is the ocean cold this time of year? Can someone that has been there during the beginning of January put my mind at ease? Also, I have a question about the weddings there. I have seen a lot of pictures of people getting married in the grass, overlooking the ocean, but have not seen any pictures of weddings on the beach. I didn't know if most people just do not chose the beach or what? Any help would be appreciated!!

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    My wife and I were there from january 7-14. There were several days that had clouds at some point in the day and it did rain a few times but it moves through quickly and you can never tell it rained. Of the two weddings that we saw, one was on the island and one was in a grass section right above the ocean that they have set up for weddings. Both would be beautiful placed to get married. It was never cold in my opinion, but I am a guy that does not get cold easily. The pools were cold on the mainland but the island pool was not bad. The ocean was pretty nice also with a lot of people getting in it. Even with the clouds it was warm and you will get burned if you don't used sunscreen. I hope this puts your mind at ease, relax and enjoy, the locals will bend over backwards to make your stay the most enjoyable ever. Randy & Kelley, Missouri

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    We are at CTI every year in early January and the weather has always been as Longgangle describes, rain some days but soon dries up so you wouldn't believe it had rained! We have seen many weddings - lots are in the grass overlooking the ocean, some are on the beach right at the ocean's edge, they set up a gazebo with chairs and it looks really exotic.

    At CTI you can also arrange to have the ceremony in the Bayside Restaurant, which is a beautiful setting and, of course, it makes no difference if it rains. Check it out with Latoya the wedding planner at CTI, she is wonderful and will help you with all the arrangements, choosing right site for you etc.

    Congratulations and you have made a great choice with CTI for your wedding.

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    Just got back a few hours ago (January 17 - 24) Weather was perfect! No rain, very warm, nice breeze... clouds came and gone but able to spend every day on the beach no problem mon

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