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    Default Romance rewards question

    Hi there!

    I am going to Jamaica to get married May 28-June 7, and I absolutely can't wait!!!!!!!! My latest version of fun
    is reading every post on these message boards! lol Hopefully the time will go fast before I run out of reading

    My question is: We will be staying for 9 night, and the first love level of Couples Rewards is from 0-5 nights.
    The second level is young love, from 6-13 nights stayed. Since we will exceed the number of nights for the first love
    level in our first stay, will we be allowed the $100 credit that the second level gets, and those other amenities, or
    will we have to wait until the next time?

    Hoping the answer is good! lol

    -- Amanda

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    You will have to wait until trip #2

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    You will have to wait until your next visit - the perks are for repeat guests not those on a first visit.

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    Have to wait until next time. The only benefit for signing up for Romance Rewards before your first trip, is you can do Trading Places ( day exchange with the other Couples resort in town).

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    You will have to wait until your next trip. The nights don't count til after you complete your stay.

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    The Romance rewards program is a repaters perk. Looks like you will have to make a return trip so you can take advantage of that.

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    I believe become eligible for the rewards once you return to Couples, not while you are at couples, and you have to return within a period of 4 years.

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    You won't get credit for the 9 nights stayed until after you have checked out, so you will only get those perks on your second trip. I do think that if you have signed up for romance rewards that you can use the trading places on the first trip, but I could be wrong on that.

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    you have to wait till your next visit

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    Very good question...we are going to have the same thing happen. My guess is we have to wait until our actual 2nd trip, which I want to book now and we haven't even made our 1st trip!

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    You have to wait until your 2nd visit, since the nights don't post to your Romance Rewards account until after you check out. Sorry!
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    Ah well, I guess that just means we will have to go again soon! Hardly a punishment!!!! Thanks for all of the responses! Next question: How do I time travel?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by axmh1985 View Post
    Next question: How do I time travel?!?!
    Good question! When you figure it out, share the secret with us!

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    Ah, time travel, boy I wish we could, I would always be going back to my first day at CN.

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    Time travel and a slow down time once we get there.

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    As first-time guests of Couples and assuming that you have signed up for the Romance Rewards program, the only Romance Rewards perk available to you is the Trading Places program.

    Otherwise, the Romance Rewards perks are intended to reward returning guests. Points for nights stayed are credited to your account AFTER your vacation's conclusion. Since you haven't yet stayed at a Couples Resort, you will arrive with no points in your account and thus will not be entitled to rewards intended for returning guests.

    If, however, you split your first trip between two resorts and stayed at least 5 nights at the first resort, you would be considered returning guests when you arrived at the second resort b/c your bookings would be considered two separate reservations, not one. Of course, points are generally not credited to your account immediately upon departure, so you would need to coordinate with the staff to ensure that you received the proper credit and your rewards at the second resort.
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    Default Agree...

    Oh, well, you will just have to go back again to reap the rewards - darn the luck!

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    VA_Couple, I feel exactly the same way. 4 months to go ... Sounds like forever!

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