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    Default First timers, arriving 4/29 wedding 5/3 at 11:00 at CN

    Hi Everyone!!!

    I am so excited...we are planning our first trip ever to Jamaica. Passports have been requested along with all of the additional paperwork needed for the "legal ceremony". I was wondering if anyone had any problems changing their names when they got home or if you just waited to 12 to 14 weeks for the official legal docs.
    Another question I have is in regards to the wedding photos. My goodness they are expensive, I about fell out of my chair. Any suggestions from the experienced would be much appreciated.
    My last question is about the salon, I was wondering about having my makeup applied. I am very capable of doing it myself just wondering about the products they use that might just be better for the heat and humidity.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions and for all of the wonderful info

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    Hi there, I got married at CN in January. I used the temporary document they gave me at the resort to change my drivers license and SSN. I am going to wait till I get the certified copy to change my passport, I am from Wisconsin so other states may be different. The salon is awesome and they are so nice. I brought in a picture for my hair and she did it exact. I did have my make-up done, she did a good job but I don't wear much make-up and it seemed like tons were applied. I still was removing it days later. I should have told her not to put on a lot. If I had to do it over, I would let then know not to put on a lot or do it myself. It is nice being pampered. CN does a great job taking care of everything. They will play your own music if you want, so bring a cd or have it on your ipod. Congratulations!!!!! p.s. you will be so happy you picked couples, I still get tears thinking about how perfect my day was.

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    Hi! Ill be getting married an hour before you!!! We are also first timers!

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    Hi I married two hours before you. We are also first timers.

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