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    Default First trip to CN from Iowa. Feb 6-13

    This is our first trip. Any suggestions for us? What not to miss? We are looking forward to snorkeling and seeing the local area around Negril. Any tips would really be appreciated.

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    Wow - congrats on choosing a great vacation. We are going to be there on the 8th-17th from Boston. Our 4th visit in 4 years. We still haven't done everything.

    Hopefully you will quickly adapt to the Jamaica pace - which can cause all types of problems in getting motivated to do activities (besides relax on the beach, have a few drinks, eat great food, nice people,...)

    We tend to enjoy snorkling every day, beach volleyball seems to be a hit - maybe this year, the catamaran cruise (we finally did it last year), first time scuba is fun, learning to sail is easy long walks on the beach, the pool and spa...

    I would look at the list on the web site, then when you get there sign up for the ones with the most appeal, then you will relax and most likelycancel (like we tend to do). After a few repeat visits you should be able to check most off the list. This year we are hoping to make it into Negril and see what the town is like.

    See you there! Scott and Pam

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    This will our first trip as well, Feb. 7th-15th from Nebraska. I think we are planning on doing the YS Falls trip along with Pelican bar. That's the plan anyway...we will see once we get there. Only 15 more days!

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    2nd trip from North Dakota. Be there from Feb 4th - Feb 11. We'll be on the beach out from building 6...stop by and say hello!

    Suggestions on things to bottom boat ride, snorkel, night snorkel, catamaran cruise, drink on the beach, relax in the sun, reconnect with your spouse in the most fun, relaxing, laid back atmosphere ever!

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    Default Thanks for the tips!

    We are really excited! Just counting the days now. Looking forward to taking the honeymoon that we have put off for 10 years. Cant wait to meet new friends and enjoy a cocktail or three on the beach!

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    Jen and Eric will be fellow Iowans there Feb 3-10. We were at CN the first week of last Feb also, rest assured that you will have an awesome time. Don't go overboard making plans before you are there because the sand gravity tends to take hold and you just go into relax mode.

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    We did meet up with Kevin and Patrice from ND. Great time on the boat!! What a wonderful place. We loved every minute of the trip. Thank you for a great vacation and we will be back.

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