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    Default Wood Carvings

    Does anyone know what is used to make the wood carvings created in the markets shine? I have a few I have brought home on past trips and they are starting to look dull. I thought it was clear shoe polish but just wanted to check to see what people used.


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    Try some lemon oil, then rub them with carnauba wax.
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    Junior, aka the Mountain Man, that walks the CSA beach, tells me that he uses brown shoe polish.

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    Default Shining up those wood carvings

    I purchased some wood carvings this year, and the artist told me to use brown shoe polish. He showed me what he used and it was Kiwi brand shoe polish. Hope this helps...

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    Default Shoe Polish

    I was told to use brown shoe polish from the vendor I bought my wood carving. Buff it with a soft cloth after and it looks like new.

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    It is brown shoe polish. It must be the hard stuff in the can, not the liquid type.
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