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    Default Size really does matter!!!!!!

    Haha got your attention didn't I???

    My point here being that one of our favorite things about Couples Resorts has to do with the size of the resorts. They are perfect, not too small, not too large, "JUST RIGHT"....

    If I want a resort with 600 rooms, I'll be heading to Vegas not the Caribbean.

    Happy Travels,

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    Phewwwwww Marie

    I was about to take away your rum ration!

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    AMEN!!! I 100% agree with you. When we first went to JA, we told our travel agent that we wanted a smaller resort that had no kids, she booked us with Couples (we had never even heard of them) and since then we haven't looked back!!

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    Marie I totally agree! We stayed at a very famous huge resort in the Bahamas before we found Couples and it took 45 minutes to walk from end to end. They have since added a convention center and a condo community YIKES! Never again.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    You are absolutely right. The resorts are perfect. There always seems to be enough room to move around and never feel crowded but everything is close enough to get to quickly. It is the perfect set-up.

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    Size Always Matters - anything else is just a myth!
    Art xo Francine

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    Quote Originally Posted by art and francine View Post
    size always matters - anything else is just a myth!

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