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    Default Horseback Riding at Tower Isle???

    I read somewhere that Tower Isle no longer offers horseback riding as an all inclusive this true?? I was really hoping to do this while I am there next January, but do not want to pay for it. Does anybody know??

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    Horse back riding is no longer an included trip. This ended when they put Mini bars in all the rooms.

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    You are right horseback riding is no longer offered as part of the all inclusive, from what I have read on this message board there were some security issues with the location and Couples stopped this inclusion. Others will probably be able to explain the reason but it is no longer offered but can be booked at the tour desk in the lobby, don't know the cost.

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    I do believe that horseback riding has been discontinued as an included excursion at CTI. I believe it is available if you select an off-site tour operator for a fee.


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    Yes, its true. I heard there were some ongoing safety concerns. Instead the resort has full room service and mini bars now in every room. If you still want to ride, I suggest Hooves. They do a great beach ride and use rescue horses.

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    They no longer offer horseback riding trips for free its true. However as for safety concerns I only know of one robbery ever mentioned at that horseback riding place. We where at CTI in October and even though it wasn't offered anymore we went on the trip that used to be included. I can't remember the name off hand but it was something plantation. And I have to say I felt perfectly safe there. I also know a fair bit about horses and I have to say they where in very good health and well taken care of. The guides definitely had a love for the horses and where very friendly. I would recommend doing the trip even though its no longer included. The only thing I sort of wish we would have been able to do is take the horses in the ocean. But it was still an amazing experience.

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