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    Hi RummPunch,
    My hubby and I are going to be at CSS and SSB in July too! When will you be there?? You should check out the July thread on the Meet Up at CSS page...

    Hope to see you there!

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    We were at SSB last year and the group usually played one short game (30-45 minutes) around 3:00 each afternoon; that was it and we always respected those that were not playing. Afterward a nice game of Jamaica trivia and a couple rounds of Bob Marley's. Only 15 days 'till we return to paradise!

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    We did play for a couple hours most days, but it certainly wasn't taking up the entire pool. There's actually plenty of room on both sides; we always kept a good distance from the tables and the bar. I admit it would have been difficult to swim laps while we played, but for someone who just wanted to casually swim behind the game, it wasn't a problem. Since the net is pretty low, you don't have to hit the ball too hard to make it over the net, and playing with relaxed rules makes for a less aggressive game. I've attached a photo of the new net. As you can see, they are still using the umbrella bases to add more weight, but there's no risk of an umbrella tipping into the pool and hitting someone!

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    Hope this helps!


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    SuzyQ - I did post in the July 2012 Meetup thread...and it is the same week you are there

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    Default CSS removed all toys from pool area

    We are on our last night of a 10-day stay at CSS we had two very fun groups and about half way through the trip the management killed our fun and completely removed all the toys. We continued to ask that they set up a beach volley ball net, however to no avail. It really killed the vibe when we investigated it seems one couple complained about everyone else having too much fun around the pool. The only thing left to do is bachi ball thanks to Rodney's gang who left the set for all to enjoy.

    Not all the AN fans are book readers some of us enjoy playing fun games and conversing with others.

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    That sucks! I hope they reconsider. It seems there must be some way to keep the toys and not bother the people who want to relax!

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    I look forward to meeting you and your significant other!!! I can't wait for July!!!!


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