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    Look at the number of repeating guests found here on the MB. We can't wait to return. The people we met, both at the resort and vendors down the beach, are very friendly. We have never felt unsure or concerned about safety while there. Enjoy your trip and rest assured ... You will be pampered!

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    Jamaica is Jamaica. It is poor country and like most big cities in the US, if you are not careful, venture alone especially at night (moreso off resort in Negril) you need to be on your guard! CSA has 3 security guards 24/7 on the beach keeping watchful eye on unwanted venders, of unrully people and keep things on the CSA grounds very safe for all.
    As far as the food making someone sick, it may have a freak coincidence. All the food seems fresh and in all the 5 times we have been to CSA, have never had a problem and I have a sensitive stomach too!
    As the locals say, No worries mon! Enjoy your trip and congrats on your wedding!

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    I heard negative things a few times before we went for the first time in 2008 (to a different high end resort). We had a fabulous time, no complaints. Food was excellent, staff was excellent all around a wonderful trip. I think much of this depends on the resort that is chosen many of the "lower end" resorts are riskier as far as all around quality, i think you get what you pay for. The higher end resorts aren't cheap but again you get what you pay for. I'd be interested to hear where your friend went that was so horrible. I do know though that not too long ago there was some political turmoil in the country that might have been related to the violence she mentioned. I think that has settled down and shouldn't be an issue currently. Hope this gives you some peace of mind. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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    Default I wouldn't worry

    I've been to Jamaica three times (December/January 2001/2002, 2006/2007, 2011/2012), most recently at Couples Swept Away from December 16th through January 2nd. We've never had any issues with crime at all. Jamaica is not a first world country, they do not enjoy the same luxuries we do. You will see that on the way to your resort and if you go off grounds for an excursion. As for food, you could go to Chili's, have a bad burger and get sick. I don't think the food has anything to do with the country or the particular resort per se. You can't necessarily blame the resort or country if you get sick because of something you ate. At least that's how I see it.

    I hope this helped. We enjoyed our trip to CSA and honestly I started crying when I realized I had to leave the last day. And this knowing I was returning to my first job in 2.5 years after being laid off that is working for my dream organization. You will have a great time. Don't let the negative people take away the excitement of your honeymoon.

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    Our first visit to Jamaica was in 1980 and talk of danger in Kingston (killings everyday). Upon our return in 2004 and every year since (just returned 1/20/12) things have changed and for the better (a lot better). Our driver to the airport - Clayton - told us the Jamaicans may kill each other but the percentage of tourists killed is approx. .0017 percent. They love and depend on us tourists.

    Speak of danger - NJ, where we are from, has one if not the most dangerous cities - Camden - among Trenton, Newark and so on. Danger is everywhere, unfortunately, but must be on guard at all times!

    Welcome the Couples' Family and Enjoy the most wonderful, relaxing and romantic vacation spots in the world.

    Paul and Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    The place is great. Sure, there is poverty on all of the islands and there is crime. But like everywhere else,
    if you go looking for trouble, you'll find it. Go out looking for drugs and you'll find a drug dealer and it's
    not the wisest thing to do. But the resort is very safe, and the staff keeps the riffraff off of the property.

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    Me and my wife just got back from Couples Negril in Dec. 2011. We had a BLAST there was no violence and we ate off site from the resort and on the resort. Check this message board for all your answers. This was our second trip and we think there is no other place to go but Jamaica. The lady who told you all those lies more than likely satyed at the shoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdy2kgt View Post
    We booked csa for our honeymoon in May and when I tell people we are going to jamica I get alot of negative feedback. One person said she did it on her honeymoon and it was horrible, lots of poverty, violence outside their resort and the food made her sick for 3 days. But everyone on here says this place is great. I don't get it can someone make me feel better about our choice?
    Been three times, no violence, no getting sick.

    I guess it all depends on your background and experiences as to what you think of Jamaica. Having grown up near some tough neighborhoods, I wasn't ever threatened or scared in OR or MoBay. Yes, there is violence in Kingston but its fairly minimal on the north coast by the resorts. Yes, the vendors harass you, but they do that in the Bahamas as well, and its not even that uncommon in NY. Yes, many homes are only partially finished and many have bars on the windows. Mexico was the same. My train ride through the Bronx and Harlem is the same.

    So if you're used to vacationing at Disney, where everything is sparkly, new and orderly, you will find Jamaica to be poor and threatening. If you've visited other third world countries, you will not be surprised by anything you find in Jamaica.

    The vast majority of Jamaicans I have encountered have been friendly and helpful. There will be some that are bad, but there are bad people everywhere. And instead of looking at the half demolished home and the collapsing shanty homes, look at the beautiful countryside, the people and even the new building that is happening there. Engage your bus driver and hotel staff - they are absolutly wonderful and will answer any questions.

    If you want to learn more about what is going on, check out the Jamaica Gleaner

    Enjoy! Respect.

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    Jamaica is no different than any where else. Use your common sense. We are anxiously waiting for our third JA trip and have never had a concern for our safety. Enjoy, you will love it.

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    You will love Jamaica and especially a Couples resort!! Relax and enjoy. One love.... Kim Robinson

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    I understand where you are coming from. We had some comments similar to those before our first trip in 2010. Of course, we returned in 2011 and we will be there again this June. Jamaica is no different than any other country when it comes to the problems your friend focused on. Where Jamaica IS different is the attitude with which they approach daily life. When I am on vacation, "no worries" is the attitude I want to be surrounded with. My wife and I have visited many countries, and Jamaica, and the Jamaican people and culture, are our favorite. We had no issues with food whatsoever, unless you count eating too much of it.
    Much of what our impression of a place is comes from our own attitude when we get there. We have always embraced the idea that we are a leaf in a stream and we will go with the flow. You cannot expect, nor should you want, Jamaica to simply be like home. Yes, you might see or experience some of the things that your friend did, but do so like your hosts and have no worries. I will add that we have only stayed at CSS on the Ocho Rios side so we have not experienced Negril where you will be.

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    But did she go to Couples? nuff said
    My advice is to just peruse the message board.
    You won't be disappointed at the decision you made!
    Hopefully hubby and I will be back to CN to celebrate our 18th! anniv this 8/6
    This will be our fourth trip to Couples...well worth it...enjoy!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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