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    Voted, I'd share this place with the whole world if they would listen to me!!

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    'Tis Done :-) CSA & them both! Wishing the Couples Resorts many rewards!!!!

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    Default You will find CTI and CSS are listed under St. Mary, not Ocho Rios.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnirene View Post
    Tried to vote for CTI but it wasn't listed. Is this a T+L website error? Advised that I wanted to vote for CTI and was advised that they would consider it for next year!! So disappointed as CTI is my favourite place in the world!!
    I didn't see CTI or CSS at first, but then I saw them under St. Mary.

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    My vote is in for CSS. Can't wait to get back in 2013!

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    I voted for Couples Swept Away. Next year I'll be able to vote for Couples Tower Isle too! We are getting married at CTI on 7/27. I am so excited to be giving all of our friends and family the opportunity to experience how great Couples is for themselves!

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    Done! Voted for CN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabdook View Post
    Wow! I don't EVEN get why CSS isn't on the list.......
    It is on the list...but not under Ochos Rios, but under St. Mary. I just scrolled until I found CSS...

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    Just voted for CSS!! LOVE that place and staff...true paradise!

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    Done! CSS all the way.

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    I love Couples, we have been going to their resorts since 1995. I hope you all realize that voting in these polls makes Couples more popular and then, more expensive because the demand goes up for the limited rooms they have.

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    Vote is in...Couples Resorts Rock!!

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    DONE!!! CSS was listed under St. Mary's but found it so that's good!! Hope it's at the top of the list!!

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