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    Default Umbrellas and Books at CN

    I am anxiously awaiting my return trip to CN in late April. This year we are going with our best friends, so I know for sure it will be a great time. I can't remember if there were umbrellas at the beach...hubby and I spent our time at the a/n beach, but our friends are saying 'no way" to that idea. They are both very fair skinned so they have to stay undercover for part of the day. Are there any at the beach?

    Also, I have a Nook but they don't and plan on bringing 2 or 3 books with them. They know they will probably finish reading those and asked if CN had a "library" where you can grab a book to read. Again, I don't know.

    Only 92 days to go....wait, did I say, only, that seems like such a long time!

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    No umbrellas on the beach but there is plenty of shade so I wouldn't be concerned about that at all.

    As far as books go - I think there were some books in the game room but I'm not sure what the selection consisted of.

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    Last time I was at CN (2011) there were no umbrellas, but there is shade under some select trees. Enjoy!

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    No umbrellas, but plenty of trees. Shade is never a problem at CN. Yes, hey have a "library" where people leave books they have finished and others take when they need one. It's in the game room.
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    No umbrellas, but there are so many seagrapes and palms that you can be in the shade and still on the beach. There are some umbrellas at the pool though.

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