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    Default September weather

    My husband and I honeymooned at TI. We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary in September. I would
    love to go back to TI but, I remember the day we left the storm hit. Anyone go in September and have a bad experience with the weather? If we went we would prob leave Sept 20th.

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    Hi! We are part of the Ivan Islanders (hit Sept 11, 2004) and what a wonderful experience. Our first trip was in Sept. 1980 for our honeymoon (after a hurricane hit) and have been back every year since 2004 (mostly in Sept.).

    The Jamaican's also tell us that Jamaica is blessed - so please join us in September!

    Paul and Debbie
    9/6/12 - 9/18/12
    (Just returned a few days ago to snow)

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    We have been lucky, nothing but WONDERFUL weather our 3 trips in September ( number 4 in 2012).

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    We were at CSA in Sept. 2007 and the weather was fabulous. It rained a bit each day, but just quick light showers...

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