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    Default Any Midwesterners? Question for you!

    I'm new and am looking at going to CN in January (9-15). We have been watching prices and they seem to fluctuate a little. We would fly from Omaha and be at CN for 7 days/6 nights and we are looking at $3500. Does this sound about right? My husband is telling me to book but I am being optimistic that the flights will go down some ($590 pp) right now on Continental.

    Thank you!

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    Price seems right. We live right outside STL and it's about what we pay. Go for it!

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    I forgot to say that if your not comfortable with flight price..which to me seems not too bad then book resort now and flight later. This is what I am going to do this weekend for our May 2010 visit so we can get 500 credit. CN in less than 3 months! WOOHOO!

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    We fly out of Moline( Illinios) through Mephis on NW for about that price. NW usually has the best price. Delta is through Atlanta and that airport is very hectic. Right now there is a great sale on. $3500 is a very good price. Check with the Couples booking site first, to be sure.

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    We live in Iowa, but will drive to Ill. to fly out of Ohare. We are staying 7 nights at CN in Nov for a little over $2900.00. Air Jamaica dropped pricing. It was $1080 for two tickets and is now $614. This is also a direct flight and we will be there by 11:30 am. Just hope Air Jamaica holds it together.

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    Take a look at "Sam's" club travel if you are a Sams member. We got our 7 nights for $3600 including airfare from Oklahoma

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    We fly out of MCI (Kansas City) and the price seems right in line. Book and enjoy. You will love CN.

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    This year will be our 15th trip to Jamaica and we fly out of Omaha. This is our first trip to Couple's so for a price comparison I have a bit of difficulty as Couple's is more expensive than the resort we've stayed at previously.

    I can tell you that we usually book no later than the first July as after that the prices can suddenly jump and they really don't get any lower, this is about the peak of the bargains.

    The risk you take in booking resort now and flight later is the size of Omaha's airport and limitation of flights. You may have a lovely room in Jamaica in your name but no way to get there if the flights fill up out of Omaha. I wouldn't want to take that chance this late in the game.

    I say book it now and if the price does happen to drop a little you just have to know that you made the decision you felt was best in the moment, it won't drop by much but it could take a big jump up.

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    Jstone1973: Where in Iowa are you? We are from LeClaire and Bettendorf but live in Port Byron Il now. Flying out of Moline is really not much more at all if you watch sales. And you don't have to spend for the hotel in Chicago. Unless you go for the pizza like we love to!

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    We are from Marion/Cedar Rapids area. You said it was $3500 for your trip. Is that for 7 days or 10. With flying out of Ohare it cost us $2900 for 7 nights. We do one night of hotel for about $80.00, but it is a Park/Sleep/Fly deal. So it also includes the cost of the parking. With using Air Jamaica it is also non stop adn we are there about 11:30am. I did alot of checking around and this seems like the best deal for us. I would much rather fly out of Moline, but it was more money and if I remember right there were connections.

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    We are from Moline. We usually fly out of Chicago with a park and fly deal. Usually go in winter. Last year we took an extra trip in Oct and loved the cheaper prices and weather was good. We are attempting a flight out of Moline this time. For 7 nights it is just under 3500.00 The air Jamiaca flight is so good tho with non stop. Gets you there so early in the day. One other time we tried to fly out of Moline and the flight was cancelled the night before. I found this out online and called NW and rebooked out of Chicago. We drove up in middle of the night, got park and fly and shuttled to hotel just in time. What a nightmare. It will be nice to fly from home and not have to drive. I am hoping our flights don't get cancelled. In Moline, not many options if they do. In Chicago, many other options. Taking our chances this year.

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    We're from Dubuque and we've always flown out of O'Hare. Prices are much, much better. Booked airfare for this coming Sept on AA for $624.42 (for both of us!) back in May. Wasn't sure what was going to happen with Air Jamaica. Now AJ is running a special....non-stop out of O'Hare for $307! Hope they run a special for Jan/Feb'10

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    GO CUBBIES!!!!
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Quote Originally Posted by trking View Post
    I'm new and am looking at going to CN in January (9-15). We have been watching prices and they seem to fluctuate a little. We would fly from Omaha and be at CN for 7 days/6 nights and we are looking at $3500. Does this sound about right? My husband is telling me to book but I am being optimistic that the flights will go down some ($590 pp) right now on Continental.

    Thank you!

    Sounds about right. Maybe a little more than we paid. We are doing CSA for 7 nights out of Des Moines in Dec. I think we paid about $3500, but it was during one of the specials. We are flying NWA.

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    Default Out of Omaha

    We are flying out of Omaha 8/02--leaving at God-awful o'clock in the morning on Northwest. When we booked in May our tickets were about $550 pp through an agent. We are staying 5 nights and with travel insurance paid about $2,700.00 for CTI Premier Ocean Room. Hope that helps

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    We are from Chicago. We are going from Aug. 22-28. Our trip was $2700.

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    We are going August 10-15th flying out of O'Hare on Air Jamaica. We paid about $2,700. I won't say I'm afraid of flying but, if I can get there non-stop (one up and one down), I will pay the extra. Also, going to do the motel park and fly so that no one has to bring us to the airport at 3:30 in the morning.

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    We just returned from CN. We paid around $2500 for 5 days/ 4 nights and we flew NWA out of Omaha.

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    If you haven't done it it! $600pp from Omaha to Mbay, while ridiculous is about averaage. We're booked xmas 2009 and our flights were right at $600pp. Already booked for 2010 too---hope airfare comes down but probably not at xmas.

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    I was originally going to book things myself and use some RCI points to pay for airfare, but when friends checked with our travel agent at AAA we saved a lot on airfare. We live in Omaha and are traveling 11/6-11/13 staying at CSA in a Garden Verandah. We are paying $3000 and change. Like $3025. I think the room total was around $2300 so that is a good price for airfare. If you want the name of our travel agent email me at kttchwaugh at cox dot net.

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    Hey all. I've been MIA. I booked back in June but found out today that our Continental Flight leg back from Montego Bay has been cancelled. We booked through Cheap Caribbean and they are suppose to give us new options so I am patiently waiting on that email. Hoping the Northwest Flight is on there . . .great flight back leave at 2:45 and arrive Omaha at 8:30. Then a 2.5 hour drive home, be back before our original flight landed!

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    Default Flying from Sioux Falls may be an option!

    Check flights using Allegiant Air to Miami. They are usually cheaper if you can catch the right dates. Then you can fly Miami to Montego Bay usually less expensively through NWA than if you fly them all the way..good luck!! We live up in South Dakota and drive down there. I had a ton of miles and upgraded to First class for our trip this November using NWA or we would have used Allegiant!

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    We are going over the Christmas/NYE time so our rates are a bit we're going out of Des Moines. If I were you, I'd pay a little more and go to a close airport....we all know how bad winters can get.

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    were about 3600 for 7 nights out of des moines, stop in atlanta then to mbj. We also got the beachfront room. ours included insurance also. We go through allied travel on merle hay road

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