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    Default Reggae Marathon - Dec 2009

    We will be at CN Dec 2 - 12. I (Matt) will be doing the marathon on the 5th. Anyone else planning to do the full or half?

    Also, I have heard that there are shuttles from some resorts to the start. Does anyone know about this? How about getting back to the resort?

    Matt & Cindy

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    I did the half last year and will do it this year
    The resort had an early breakfast for us and the shuttles were going up and down the main road
    it starts at 5am I left the resort at 4am
    I walked back ,2 miles,
    but there were shuttles back
    great run, great time
    ps. skip the lobster dinner the night before
    it almost killed me
    the pasta diner sponsored by the marathon, was cooked by all the different resort head chefs

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    Thanks for the information Giffie. I plan on being very conservative with the food and drink before the marathon... then I will endulge!

    I am registered for the full marathon. Maybe we can do a few traing runs before the event.

    Matt & Cindy

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    I am also doing the full marathon. I have not did this one though and I'm excited. I am concerned about the humidity though. I have been training in he mid day with around 85-90% humidity. That is in Iowa. I am looking forward to meeting you all there.

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    Also guys my wife and I are coming with 8 other couples. When we pass the resort which mile marker is that and on the way back which mile is that.


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    Couples is at mile 8 and 11 for the half and 8 and 24 for the full

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    Sweet mile 24 on the way back.....I can stop for a drink and crawl the rest of the way...Thanks

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    My husband & I are running the full. Any idea how bad the humidy is? I was hoping that with it being December, it may not be that bad, but I've never been to Jamaica. Currently training in 75-80 degrees but our humidty is pretty low in Cleveland. Either way, I'm so excited!

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    This will be our 7th time to Negril and each time in December. It is always very humid. I am guessing 90%. It gets very hot and humid early. We will see you there. We arrive on 11/30 and leave on 12/5. A few of us are getting together and doing some runs prior to race.

    Personal email is

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    Hi Amylynn,

    I have been to Negril in October and in December. As dmfd says, it is still humid (at least compared to where I live on the west coast of Canada), but less humid in December than in October, if that helps at all. I am hoping the early start for the run will make it a bit easier.

    Cindy & I arrive on December 2. When do you and your husband arrive?

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    We arrive on Thursday the 3rd and are leaving on Monday. I wish we could stay longer, but it just wouldn't work. I'm undecided about a quick run on Friday to try to adjust to the heat or just save my legs and wing it on Saturday! Is anyone else getting together to run on Friday?

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    Hi Amylynn, I plan to do a 30 minute light run on the Friday. If you guys decide to do a run Friday and want company, let me know.


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