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    We were reading through the info on the boards abiut SSB and couldnt find a definitive answer about the clothing requirements after 5. We know that all guests are allowed over on SSB and at the AN pool/hot tub/bar area without disrobing, but does that mean that at 5, if you are on that side of resort you must cover up? Or does it just become clothing optional at that point?

    Also, regarding photography, it appears from numerous photo albums that have been shared that after 5 photography is allowed on the AN side?

    Now to tie it all together, if the AN side becomes clothing optional but photography IS allowed, can you safely take photos of your SO on the beech at that time? Is there a risk of other guests taking your picture while AN aftet 5? Not that I care, don't think they would be wanting my fat ass in their photos anyhow.

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    The guests there already using AN do not typically put clothes on just because it is 5pm, so expect to see nudity but it is not flaunted or anything like that, they are just laying on their loungers or at the pool. Just be respectful and go on down to the beach area and watch the sunset, we went with another couple walking over and they took pics of us with our backs to the water and the sunset behind us (did not take pictures looking up on the beach where the AN sunbathers were).. no problems. After enjoying the sunset, we headed back out. It's just fine,

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    Thanks Rubi...we're planning on making full use of and evening!

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    We visited SS in June 2011 and tried out the au naturel for the first time. We were also curious about the camera rules, but in our observations, no one ever seemed to engage in illicit photography during the au naturel required hours, or before or after. Many people do come over to the beach to enjoy the sunset, and most as we observed took pictures as mentioned above, either against the water or against the gorgeous flowers and shrubs surrounding the beach. We usually covered up at five for our own comfort, and at that point, most people who remained on the beach did the same - those remaining au naturel usually ended up at the pool. We were amazed at how respectful and tame everyone was at the beach, and we will definitely return the next time we are there.

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    This is an interesting query as it became a talking point when we were at SSB in December. Whilst lounging around the pool we were approached by a couple (close to the 5 pm deadline). They very pleasantly announced that they were intending to stay AN after 5 pm and if we wanted to join them (to make a point using safety in numbers I guess) then we would be welcomed. We did stay at SSB but decided to clothe ourselves. We had no objection, per se, to others staying AN but since SSB is an amazing place to watch the sunset then we decided that we would rather clothe ourselves than embarrass other non-AN'ers by wandering around with it all hanging out, as it were.

    Part of the reason for our decision was that we assumed those turning up after 5 pm were a) there to see a sunset and may feel uncomfortable being faced with naked people wandering around under their noses and b) what happens to the photography issue? Why shouldn't people take photos of the whole beach at that time (rather than just the sunset)? Photograhing naked people isn't allowed in our AN time but what of after 5 pm? Would we expect non AN'ers to understand this and not photograph the pool and its surrounds?

    I guess that there should be a fixed rule about this as I am certain that there will always be some guests that would rather not be faced with dangly bits when they are least expecting them. After all, we expect them not to visit the beach clothed when it is 'our turn'.

    I would be interested to hear views as we were rather shocked (too strong a term really) to be put in the position of needing to consider subterfuge. What say you?

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    Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to our trip and hanging out (literally ) at SSB!

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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