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    Default Comments re dinner service?

    I enjoy couples and have been there a few times and will be going back, but on my last visit i noticed a marked deterioration of service at meal times-- very slow service at dinner even by island time and except when meals were delivered no attention . Anyone else notice this or was this a one off event. Trying to make things better not bashing.Thanks

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    which Couples resorts have you stayed at (which one are you commenting on?)

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    Hey Ron3637 - Please provide specifics. On the three posts of yours I've seen, you fail to provide specifics. Which restaurant? Which meal?

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    We've been visiting Couples annually since 1998 and in the last couple of years have visited two or three times for a total of 19 visits. We've had some stays where service was very good and other years where service was poor. We haven't been able to discern any trend. We were at Couples Negril in January 2007, and everything was great, but when we returned in April 2007, we had the worst trip in our entire Couples experience in terms of service/food quality.

    In our experience, good service is hit or miss. Sorry you experienced a "miss" on your most recent stay.
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    Which resort? This sounds too general. If a resort fell short, you should mention the name so that management could address it. We have been 10 times over the past 10 years and have never experienced this.

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    Which one did you stay at? We had been to CSS 4 times and noticed the same thing on our last trip in July. It didn't have the same feel of the first three trips there by far, almost as if the attitude behind the scenes had changed somehow. We then went back to CN for this New Years and it was so much better. I can't say enough about what a fantastic time we had there for our 11th Couples vacation. We look forward to returning back to CN and if that is where you had a problem, then it had to be an off week because we had amazing service.

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    We had one dinner at CN last year, where the service was extremely slow, so slow, we even went to the bar to get our own drinks refilled. That was the one and only time I have ever experienced an abnormal wait or slow service. I am never in a hurry, and probably would not have thought about it, except, I was a quart low on alcohol consumption that day and was trying to catch up. Will be there again in 27 days so I will see what it is like then. After we went and got our drinks though it seemed like they could not wait on us fast enough or often enough. We were a party of 6, but the place was only half full if that.

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    We spent the week between Christmas and New Year's at CSS, and had great service at dinner time even though the resort was at capacity. I hope your experience was an odd event.....We will be home again in July!

    One Love,

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    I see you have 4 total posts and all 4 are regarding bad service- I'd say you had a bad time there and perhaps should bring it to the attention of someone who can do something about it, strange though cause on here and TA I've seen endless positive reviews and all say the service was great, including a friend of mine.

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    We were at CSS in December for our 4th trip. We had one evening where the service was definitely subpar to normal. We did not let it ruin our night or trip, but I wrote about the problem on my comment sheet, and within a week or two of returning home, got an e-mail from someone at CSS asking me about the problem. I e-mailed the person back explaining the problem and got another response. If you are having a problem the proper thing to do is let the management know. They are the ones who can do something about it. Just complaining on the board does not do as much to correct the problem. Every place has bad days, either new staff, or maybe just a bad day for the staff. Let management know of you dissatisfaction, and hopefully something will be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubiGal04 View Post
    which Couples resorts have you stayed at (which one are you commenting on?)
    Earlier post by ron3637 had him staying at CSA.

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    We stayed a couples Swept away. I did bring it to the attention of management. Also my comments on the board were meant to do the same. I also wanted to know if my experience was unique. Don't get me wrong i like couples very much and wanted to insure that it stays that way. In my experience it looked like a shortage of staff issue. With respect to what meals etc. my experience was not limited to one facility.

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    We have stayed at CN 3 times and found service to be good. Casava in the evening seems to be slower, but when we are at Couples, we are there to enjoy ourselves and don't like to be rushed. Even in the states when we go out to dinner, we like to be able to sit and relax, so I think sometimes it is a matter of perspective.

    Last year at Casava, my husband asked the server to hold putting in our order until we finished our salads. She told us it would take a while if she did that, we said ok. She did exactly what we asked and I don't think the wait was bad. Of course, I LOVE just sitting and talking to my husband, so I don't notice the wait. We have had slow drink service in there once in a while but nothing that I would complain about. I hope yours was an isolated incident and that it isn't indicative of service at the resorts, but again, I think some of it is a matter of perspective. For the dinner above, we were there for about 2 hours, but that was OK. In Heliconia we did the same thing and the server acted like she wanted to rush us...but we didn't want to be rushed. We like to relax, eat slowly and talk to each other and dinner, so we rarely pay attention to the amount of time food takes.

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