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    Default Repeaters' Dinner - CN

    We will be arriving on a Monday at CN. I believe the Repeaters' Dinner is held on Monday evening. Since we won't be there the NEXT Monday, will we have the opportunity to attend the Repeaters' Dinner the night we arrive (we'll arrive early afternoon)?

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    Yes, you will. Let the front desk know when you check in.
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    Yes - You'll be given an invitation card with your keys, etc. at check-in. From what I understand, even if you didn't receive it, you are still welcome to attend if you are a repeater. We normally arrive on Monday also & have always been invited. Our last trip over Christmas, we were unable to attend, though, because our flight got changed, making us get to the resort so late that it would have been a rush to go so we were kind of disappointed we had to miss it.

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    Thanks for the info! Looking forward to it!

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    Had a wonderful repeater dinner last night. Very large turnout - maybe 15 tables of 10 ppl each. Held outside on the pool deck near Otaheite. Weather (and esp. the food) were great.

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