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    Default When to book Airfare

    We're going to Sans Souci in late June-early July. When is the best time to book airfare? The prices don't seem to have changed in the last 4-5 months, but I'm wondering if they go up or down as you get closer to the time. I was hoping they'd go down after the first of the year but they haven't.

    Also, does anyone have any specific suggestions for flying out of Denver? There are no direct flights and it looks like Charlotte and Atlanta are going to be the layover options. Which is better?

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    Charlotte is a better option.

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    It's been my experience that flights get more expensive as the date nears. They also frequently change flight times so check often. We transferred through Charlotte once and it was a positive experience for us. Atlanta is huge, but we had no trouble there, either.

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    The airline prices are a real drag this year. The average one-stop flight costs nearly $100 more than it did this time in 2011. I'm waiting until February to commit to tickets for our trip in early July.

    Last year, our layover was in Atlanta both ways and we had no complaints. Customs is strange because you have to pick up your luggage at the international terminal and then go through security again for your domestic flight. I'm not sure if this is the same at all airports, and if not, you may want to consider Charlotte for a bit less hassle.

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    Hi Squirrel, we have flown out of Denver thru Maimi,Dallas,Charlotte and Atlanta to Montego Bay.There are no direct flights.We lately use the Charlotte route.U.S. Airways has a red eye leaving at about 12:45 AM . We love this flight.We get to Montego Bay at about 10:50AM and are at the Couples Resort by 1:00 PM.You feel like you gained a day on the beach.We usually get our airfare for 450.00 to 530.00 last year. I check Expedia once or twice a week.Last year the fare was 450.00 for one week in late December (which I missed) and went up every month to about 625.00.Then one week in early summer it dropped to 520.00 and I jumped on it. the next week it was back up to 625.00.
    Where in Denver are you? We live in Evergreen.Have a great trip

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    We just booked AA from JFK to MBJ for $79 each way for our trip in March. I was worried about booking so close to the date of departure, but ended up being very very happy with the rate. Neither flight down or back are non-stop but we can deal with the layovers for such a cheap price.

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    Absolutely love the red eye flights out of Denver on either Delta or US Airways. We have never paid less than $500/person for our tickets to Jamaica. Right now I know you can get tickets for less than $600. I don't know if you will do much better out of Denver. We have flown through both Charlotte and Atlanta. We have been fortunate and we have not had a problem at either airport but Charlotte is smaller. In Atlanta you do go through security again after going through customs. It is an international flight security line not the security line at airport entrance. I'm not sure if Charlotte now has this added security line too. The last time we flew through Charlotte they did not have it but that was probably 2008 and Atlanta since then. Good luck and have a great trip!

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    Sandman, that is the exact flight that we've had our eye on. It's at $642 each right now. I'm terrified to wait because I'm afraid the prices will go up. But, I may just watch them over the next couple of weeks and then if they don't drop I'll go ahead and get them. They've been around that price since last fall, so I'm guessing they're not going anywhere but up.

    I grew up around Atlanta and am used to that airport, but it's huge and I don't want to trek through it if there are other options. I'll shoot for Charlotte.

    Also, we're in Longmont. Other end of the metro area. I'm so ready for this trip after all this crappy winter weather.

    Thanks, everyone!

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