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    Default Welp...double digits today! (Is 99 days as long as it seems?)

    Patience is a virtue, hua? Here we go then into the virtuous realm of the double digits. This wait is incurable! I'm rockin Reggae in the gym daily in pursuit of that beach body.
    My computers at my office are wallpapered in past pics of Negril sunsets and frosty drinks drenched in West Jamaica sunshine.
    I've added a countdown timer to my mac widgets.
    Oh gosh how I can't wait to scoop up my baby and fly off back home.

    I'm so grateful to have this vacation to look forward to. So wildly grateful!!!
    Soon come, mon!!!

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    Sounds like youre arriving the same day as my wife and I? Do you mind if I ask what airline you are taking and the flights arrival time. We are booked but I am leery about this trip as it is on a new airline for us. US Airways.

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    Flying US Air flight 1227 arriving 9:51AM

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    We're down to 33 days, and the last 2 months have just flown by! Probably because my gym commitment and results weren't going quite as well and now I am down to crunch time! Hopefully the time will fly by for you in a good way!
    We fly to Jamaica on US Air from Philly and have not had any issues on any of our 4 flights to or from Montego Bay.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    I know the feeling I have 92 days to go - seems like a lifetime!

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    Not to be politically incorrect, but you are now what we used to call, in the Submarine Force, a double digit midget! Congratulations!
    Come Soon,

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