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    Default Resort Credit - Does everyone get this?

    Does everyone get the $300 resort credit? If not, how do you qualify for it?

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    Resort credits are usually offered for early booking within specific time frames. Amounts vary, the last offer was indeed $300 but it is too late now to qualify. Look out for Randymon's posts to see if he will be offering any resort credits and check the qualifying dates/time frames.

    Romance Reward members also qualify for resort credits depending upon the level they have reached - these credits are not linked to any specific booking specials or dates. Check out the Romance Rewards link to see available credits.

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    At various times, resort credits will be offered as part of a booking incentive. If resort credits were offered when you booked, then you'll get them. If not, then you won't.

    Resort credits are also part of the rewards offered to returning guests through the Romance Rewards program. Couples at the Young Love level receive a $100 resort credit, couples at the Renewed Love level receive a $150 resort credit, and Couples at the Passionate Love level receive a $200 resort credit.
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    To qualify for the $300. resort credit to had to book your vacation before I believe June of 2011.

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    For 2012, you had to book your Couples reservation very early in 2011 (I think before April). That qualified us for the $300 early booking resort credit.

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    Have they given resort credits in a while? You can get repeaters credits, but I think regular resort credits are gone since the economy seems to be improving for now.

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    You only receive the booking resort credit if you book your trip several months in advance. You also can receive resort credits when you reach certain levels of the Romance Rewards Program for repeat guests. Randymon should be announcing the next early booking special in a few weeks!

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    Seems like we got if when we were there in 2009 but we had a travel agent not sure if that makes a difference???

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    we got ours by booking by the end of June I believe. I also think that if you are a returning guest you are also eligible.

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    I believe you had to book before June 30, 2011 to get the credit.

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    We got it as part of a package deal we booked early in 2011 called "Fall in Love". When we arrived the front desk had no record of a credit on file for us and told us to check with the concierge in the morning, which we did. They also apparently have no way of confirming resort credits through the computer and only got authorization from a supervisor after I showed them a print out of my confirmation with the "Fall in Love" package explanation deal on it. They then wrote out on a invoice, "$300 credit" and handed it to me to keep and present at check out. I'm glad I brought my confirmation and then kept the invoice in our safe until check out because without that we would not have gotten the credit.

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    It's an early booking bonus. We booked before the end of March in 2011 for our 2012 trip in 3 days, so we got it. Check with your travel agent.

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    this was a booking incentive in 2011. it ended quite a while ago.

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    The resort credit was a deal that was offered last year for bookings for 2012. If you booked during the special then you should have the credit. Check with your travel agent or call Couples and check on your reservation. They can tell you if you have the promotion credit.
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    I would like to know too

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    You can get resort credit from:

    Early booking.
    Your Romance Reward level.
    Wednesday specials
    Other specials Couples offers to fill rooms
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