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    Default Transportation and Airport Questions

    Hi, I am headed to CTI in June. This will be my first flight out of the country as well as my first trip to Jamaica and Couples. I am looking at booking my flight soon and would like to spend as little time as possible at the airport. I am wondering how long you have to wait at the airport? How often does the shuttle leave? Do they have a schedule?

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    You shouldnt have to wait long, 15,20 minutes, long enough to use the bathroom and have a drink. The shuttle leaves as needed,no schedule,and they don't wait for enough people to fill the shuttle either.

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    Don't worry, - you won't have to wait long. Couples know when everyone is arriving and schedule transportation accordingly and, as redinthehead says, you never have to wait longer than 20 minutes.

    However, the time you have to spend in the airport can vary, depending on how many planes are landing at the same time and how quickly the immigration processes each passenger - as in all airports, some are faster than others!! We fly from the UK and we always seem to arrive at the same time as one or two other jumbo jets, it takes forever and after a 10 hour flight it's a pain to have to wait in line for up to an hour just to get through immigration!!

    After that you have to collect your luggage and go through customs, although this is not as bad. The Couples Lounge is just around the corner from customs where you will be greeted with a smile and a beer or soft drink and from then on you are in paradise!!

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