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    Default safes in the rooms

    I hear there are safes in the rooms at CN. Would someone please tell me if it is large enough to hold a couple of ipads and a small camera??

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    I think you'll be fine. I can wedge most of my camera equipment and a netbook in.

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    Yes the safe will hold a couple of Ipads and a camera. At leaset they held our small camera and Ipads, but I'm sure you could fit an SLR and a lens or two in the safe with the IPads. You just may need to take the lens off.

    The safe really worked well while we were there.

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    Yes we had a 13 1/2 inch laptop, and my husband puts everything in there. It will be no problem.

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    If they are the same size as what is at CSA, no problem, we had a laptop and a full size digital camera with two lenses. You do have to angle the lap top to get it in but you should be fine


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    Thanks everyone...we leave one week from tomorrow. Can't wait to get there!

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