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    Default Exactly 30 days to go until paradise!

    My hubby and I will be relaxing on the beach sipping fru-fru drinks at CSA in exactly one month!!! As I sit here writing this we are getting snow dumped on us in the Seattle area. This is our first trip to Jamaica, and saying we're excited is an understatement!

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    You are going to have a GREAT time! It is the most relaxing vacation I have EVER been on!

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    77 days to CSA for us. Zero degrees outside and expecting 5-8 of snow here in Iowa.
    CSA soon come!

    Life is good

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    Have fun! You'll love it.

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    We leave in 10 days and it is our 1st time also. Ontario is getting some snow too We have been counting down for sooooo very long that it seems impossible that tomorrow we will be doing the single digit dance!

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    You are going to have an AWESOME vacation!!!!!! I too am originally from the Pacific NW and I went to law school at UW in Seattle so I know how dark and dismal the winters can be there! Just sit back and relax and enjoy all CSA has to offer!!!!

    One Love!

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    We're sitting under the same snow dump, but across the lake in Bellevue. 30 days! Have fun! We have to wait until November 30... Hopefully no snow to close the airport like today...

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    YES enjoy look forward to the time of your life! CSA didn't disappoint in ANY way!

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    CSA is fabulous !!! I've been to Jamaica 15 times at different resorts, and CSA is by far my favorite. We were there in Jan/Feb 2010 and we will be returning Jan. 30 .........10 days to go to Paradise !
    Everything's Irie ! You'll love it !

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    We have 48 days until our first time to CSA!!!! We are sooooo excited!!!!!

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    My wife and I went to CSS last Feb/March to celebrate our 25th anniveray in Sept of 2011. We had count downs going all the way up to the trip. We had a lot of anxiousness as we are not the world travelers and the expense was a big factor for us. We had such a great time that on our actual anniversary I surprised her with a return trip this Feb/March. Not sure we are as excited about this trip. Oh wait winter has now hit us hard and our count down clock on the computer shows33 day 16 hours and 17 minutes to touchdown in MBJ! If we were excited!

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    You will LOVE it! only 462 days here.... :-/

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    Down to 25 more days!!! Since my last post, we've had snow, ice, wind and power outage for 5 days. During all of that I kept telling myself that in one month I'll be on the beach!

    C&J I'm in the Issaquah area out by Tiger Mountain. It's a nasty mess out here.

    ScottK - I'll have to make sure my husband reads your post. Maybe he'll be inspired!!

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